Ron Rivera has hinted that the Panthers are interested in signing Wallace. While Carolina is cap strapped at the moment, it 's just an example of how many teams we will be going up against should we pursue Wallace. The reason I feel this is Dolphins related is, well, the obvious: he is a hot commodity at our biggest position of need. Thing is, it seems the majority of the posters here seem that the Dolphins landing Wallace is merely a formality. We are going to be getting into some serious bidding wars for his services if we truly want him in Miami. There are multiple teams that will be tripping all over themselves to get him. This said, if we don't get him (or Jennings because of the potential tag) then the masses will begin the annual chant about how we can't bring in talent to Miami and our front office sucks, etc. But if these bidding wars pushes Wallace's price even further through the roof, I, for one, will be glad to back out of the Wallace sweepstakes. We can go younger and cheaper via the draft, see who we can develop with Tannehill and hope for a more "sure thing" WR is next year's draft if we don't see the development the team needs. While there is little question we will be a better football team this coming season, I am careful to keep in mind that everything can't be fixed at once. Granted, every effort should be made, within reason, to solidify our receiving core NOW. The draft doesn't offer a Calvin Johnson by any means this year. But the draft is deep with speed and potential. In all honesty, I'm slightly cooling a bit on Wallace for the simple fact that I don't think he is worth $12-14 mill a season. That's 1/4 of our available cap space on one position. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. I won't be disappointed if we sign him. But I doubt I find myself moping over it if we do not. I guess what I'm getting at is that we shouldn't get our hopes up too high just yet. Our biggest need, best available at that need, may not end up wearing a Dolphins uniform.