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Thread: GREAT quote on Mingo

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    AMEN2 GREAT quote on Mingo

    From Daniel Jeremiah, former NFL scout and correspondent for NFL Network "Mingo led the leauge in high fives and butt slaps" couldn't be more true!!! I have serious questions about his motor. Bjoern Werner's motor never cools off that is why he has had interceptions and fumbles "magically" fall right into his hands and always finds the football
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    i like daniel jeremiah but he needs to clean his loop on that one...more guys were cleaning up his work and getting the credit than anything else...
    hoops scoops 2012 season ..."in 2014 ryan tannehill etches his name in stone amongst the games elite qbs"..."ryan tannehill and andrew luck will carry the afc for the next decade plus the way peyton manning and tom brady have this last decade plus"
    for the love of god get a real freaking mike already!!!
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