Well, my intent isn't necessarily to insinuate that Demaryius Thomas, Torrey Smith, and some of these other receivers weren't raw. They were raw, especially in terms of routes. The point is, being raw isn't automatically the bad thing that fans like to make it out to be.

Being raw is a positive if you're a physical specimen with a work ethic. Coaches can mold you into being a polished player. Cordarrelle Patterson is raw mentally, and not just at football. But make no mistake, he is not raw as a football player. He's playing football on an entirely different level than the guys he's playing against. You just don't typically see this type of ability from a kid his size, particularly at the WR position. It's all just flat out talent and ability, and it's special. He's not thinking on the football field, which is why he plays so fast.... he's letting his natural gifts guide him... and it's too much to handle for defenders.

You can't teach Keenan Allen, or Stedman Bailey, or Markus Wheaton to do what Cordarrelle Patterson can do because they don't have his athletic ability and explosion, to go along with the type of running ability in traffic that comes along once in a great while.

Rawness is a bad thing when you don't have the skills to literally and physically dominate your opposition... Clyde Gates or Ted Ginn, for example. There's no telling what kind of numbers Patterson would've put up next year if he were able to play another year in college.

Davone Bess is as polished as a receiver can be, but you might as well be throwing the ball to a tackling dummy. You're going to get about the same impact.

Cordarrelle Patterson is a better prospect than Robert Meachem was coming out of Tennessee. Virtually the same size/speed department. Patterson is a little more explosive and shifty, whereas Meachem was a little more polished. Meachem only had one year of real production despite playing 3 years for the Vols. He's more explosive than Dwayne Bowe was at essentially the same size.

Patterson won't be around long on draft day.