Just checked in here, thought I would post.

Noticed the last message.

Have to be somewhat vague for competitive reasons. Don't read into too much. We've got three good newspapers down here -- sometimes, I can't say all that Alex and I know on a given day, because we're competing with the other papers and their beat writers/columnists. You never know what the other papers have until stories start posting after 1 a.m.

But from what I'm hearing, I feel pretty good about the direction the team will take in free agency, right from the start. I think they'll actually spend some $ this time, on bonuses. Most of that $ will be spent on the line, obviously. They'll get a WR or two early in the draft. Been hearing that for a few weeks now. By now, it's out there, so I feel safe writing it here.

As for Seau, I've heard that from other players. Hard to confirm for the paper, cause guys don't want to be quoted, which is why you haven't seen it written. But we checked it out, and it's almost certain that he'll be back.

Miguel does a hell of a job, by the way. Gotta go, busy day as you might guess....