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Thread: Armando Salguero: Ireland deserves praise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zounds View Post
    Generally, the competent linemen hold starting positions.
    True fans don't talk about our backups that way. You're not a true fan.

    And yes, every time you make me an offer of a broken down ferrari or a mazda, I'll take the ferrari every time.
    Are you one of those guys who likes to ride a bike to work? 'Cause I like driving, personally.

    Now if you were actually interested in talking football instead of pretending like you know something about cars, we could have a discussion. But I don't think you actually come to this board to talk about football.
    I love talking about football. As soon as you start talking about it, I'll join in.

    I was once a normal kid
    Till the Devil came down and flipped my lid
    He gave me a switchblade and he gave me a muse
    Then he vomited acid all over my shoes
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWalrus View Post
    A predictable "inurie", though, given Murtha's inurie history, which is the reason he's now out of the league. Ireland absolutely deserves the blame for having ****ty toilet water as a backup plan.

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