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Thread: Grushcow's in depth Cap Conscious Offseason strategy - Give it a read! (Long)....

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    GM Grushcow's in depth Cap Conscious Offseason strategy - Give it a read! (Long)....


    This is an exciting offseason for all Dolphins fans, with excess cap space paired with a bevy of draft picks in the top 100 the Phins appear to be poised to position themselves in the thick of the AFC playoff race. The Dolphins find themselves faced with many questions regarding their upcoming free agent class and without many home discounts forthcoming it's becoming increasingly likely that the 2013 Dolphins will have many new faces. When looking at this football team that continued their trend of mediocrity with another sub-.500 finish this past season, it's important to look at where the league is trending. I found when watching the team this past season most of our games were lost because of our poor protection of our rookie quarterback, a lack of talent on the outside and a pair of cornerbacks that cover. Entering free agency these are our biggest needs and I find that the out of house options are superior to what we have in house, and may come at a better price. Through free agency I want to plug as many holes as possible, not necessarily with a few high priced guys but several solid guys at a more affordable rate with room to grow. This will set us up for the draft where we can take the BPA from round to round. I want good pass protection, corners that can stick with receivers and receivers that can be relied on to help our franchise signal caller grow. Everything else comes secondary after that. With a few cuts we're positioned to have the most cap space in the NFL and with the right strategy can plug most if all our holes. As you will see the first moves I'd make would be to slash the contracts of Dan Carpenter, Dmitri Patterson and Richard Marshall to give us as much flexibility as possible. Looking at this free agency class I see a lot of depth at corner and tackle, which suits us nicely. Let me preface this by saying this is not a prediction of what Ireland is going to do come March 12th, this is what I would do with all our assets at our disposal. Let me also add I don't have a ton of experience with the salary cap, but have been slowly learning about it and if there's any issues with my calculations to bring it to my attention. Finally, I haven't watched nearly as much college football as I have in the past so most of my selections are based on scouting reports so feel free to give me some added insight. Hopefully enjoy my effort, took a fair amount of time, cheers.

    Also one question for everyone, how does the salary cap rollover work?

    For everyone who doesn't wanna read this whole thing, just take a look at our projected 2013 line up and free agency to see their terms. It's a bit daunting cause of the 51 player breakdown to show cap hits.

    1. WR Last year it became painfully clear that the Dolphins wide receiving core lacked any game breaking ability. Outside of Hartline and Bess there was no consistency and there was an overall lack of speed on the field. Hartline is scheduled for free agency and should be a priority at a reasonable price. Mathews showed flashes once he got a chance to see the field. This unit needs a total face lift this offseason, it starts with a top FA and a high draft pick, along with the return of Hartline into the fold.
    2. CB This has got to be the most frustrating position on the field for me. For what feels like as long as I've watched Dolphins football no matter how solid a defense we field we always fail on passing downs. I get nostalgic think about the days of Madison and Surtain and with the evolution of the NFL our glaring weaknesses are that much more apparent. This is the offseason to get some pieces at the corner position to get our play on the boundary in line with our safeties. This is a spot we must invest money in wisely and provide lots of quality depth. Clean house.
    3. TE Another emerging trend in the NFL has been the seam threat tight end. The Dolphins have also been lagging behind the rest of the NFL in this regard. Fasano is a nice guy to have but we need more playmaking at the position. The Dolphins probably need to add 2 guys that compliment each other well, a solid blocking red zone target and another H-back type who can line up all over the field and create mismatches.
    4. RT As the days pass it becomes more and more clear that Jake Long's days as a Dolphin are over. With Martin likely shifting over to the left side this creates a considerable hole on the right side. The offensive line has to be solidified for Tannehill to reach his high ceiling and his protection is a key to our success.
    5. LDE A complement for Cam Wake is needed on the opposite side. Vernon is a nice developmental guy but still needs a little more seasoning, so a quality stop gap that can push the pocket and help push Odrick inside is a necessary step.

    Daniel Thomas to the Titans for a 2013 5th round pick
    Daniel Thomas has been a disappointment throughout his tenure with the Phins. For a big back he leaves a lot to be desired in short yardage situations and offers little to nothing in the passing game. If I couldn't get any picks back for him I'd simply cut him and give the guys behind him a better shot at playing time. In this deal I would send Thomas to the Titans to complement Chris Johnson.
    Saves 455K towards the Cap for 2013.
    CUT Dan Carpenter After Carp's sparking start to his career he has fallen off sharply. His contract hurts our cap situation and his recent play makes this decision a no brainer for me. I'd have him back at a slashed salary to compete with a rookie kicker but only under that circumstance.
    Saves 2.7 million towards the Cap for 2013.
    CUT Dmitri Patterson I liked what I saw from Patterson in his brief stint with the Phins. Unfortunately with a contract that pays him 4.6 million for the upcoming season there is no way to keep him at that price, especially when an outright cut has no negative consequences on our Cap situation. He's a quality fallback option on a cheap 2-year deal if we can't reach terms with his replacement.
    Saves 4.6 million towards the Cap for 2013.
    CUT Richard Marshall Richard Marshall was one of our bigger moves in free agency this past offseason, which I supported at the time, but Marshall, was hampered by a back injury which ended his season prematurely. I like this upcoming crop of corners in both the draft and free agency and clearing Marshall off the books would give us more flexibility. With him and Patterson out of the equation, along with Smith big changes must come to our secondary.
    Saves 3.4 million towards the Cap for 2013
    OVERALL SAVINGS = $11,155,000

    WR Brian Hartline Hartline has proved to be a capable #2 and has built a quality rapport with Tannehill over their first full season together. His inability to get in the endzone has been the main gripe among Dolphin fans but as far as I'm concerned he's a solid part of our offense and willl help Tannehill and the rest of the offense grow. I value him between 4.5 and 5 million but would go as far as 5.5 a year, we can't afford to create more holes on an already thin offensive core. Hartline may want to test the market to get Laurent Robinson money, but it's unlikely he's going to find many suitors at that price.
    Re-sign Brian Hartline for 3 years @ $15 million.
    S Tyron Culver Culver is a nice depth guy, but doesn't offer that much outside of being a serviceable backup. His depth and flexibility in our secondary is nice to have.
    Re-sign Tyron Culver for 1 year @ 700K
    CB/S Jonathon Amaya (RFA) Amaya came back in the Bush trade and will provide depth in the secondary.
    Tender Jonathon Amaya for 1 year @ 630K.
    QB Pat Devlin (RFA) Devlin lacks the skillset of a future starter but knows the offense and has continued to grow behind Tannehill. I would keep him around in hopes he can continue to develop into a solid #2 behind Tannehill.
    Tender Pat Devlin for 1 year @ 555K
    CB Bryan McCann (RFA) McCann will supply depth in a backfield short on personnel and talent.
    Tender Bryan McCann for 1 year @ 555K
    MLB Austin Spitler (RFA) Spitler is a quality special teams guy and provides a little extra depth at a cheap price.
    Tender Austin Spitler for 1 year @ 555K
    TOTAL COSTS = $7,955,000

    OT Jake Long Injuries have sapped Longs dominance after emerging as one of the premier tackles in football over his first few seasons. With wildcard Jonathan Martin in house it will be his spot to sink or swim in. The cost of acquiring a right tackle is much smaller than that of a right tackle and without a hometown discount forthcoming it appears to be the end of the line for the former first overall pick.
    Jake Long to the Bears for 5 years @ 45 million (25 guaranteed)
    CB Sean Smith Smith's a maddeningly inconsistent performer and is seeking a contract likely 3 million greater than his actual worth. I would let him walk, as there's a handful of more consistent options on the market that will be worth the same or likely less. Look for him to get a contract in the ballpark of the one Eric Wright signed with the Bucs this past offseason.
    Sean Smith to the Jaguars for 5 years @ 40 million (22 guaranteed).
    DT Randy Starks I love Randy Starks, and although the franchise tag is an option in the salary cap era it's important for a team with as many needs as us to fill them effectively. The cost to retain Starks is too prohibitory when considering the fact that we have a competent enough player in Jared Odrick to fill his role. I also don't like Odrick on the outside and think it is necessary for him to move inside to maximize his value.
    Randy Starks to the Broncos for 4 years @ 26 million (10 guaranteed)
    RB Reggie Bush There seems to be a huge divide between fans relating to what we should do with Bush. The fact of the matter is we have a high upside back and we're ready to turn him loose. I like Thigpen as a guy who could develop as well, add another powerful back into the mix and we have a competent backfield. Bush did too much dancing last year and for a change of pace back his contract will be too prohibitory.

    Reggie Bush to the Chargers for 4 years @ 16 million (6 million guaranteed)
    TE Anthony Fasano Fasano has been a very underrated member of our franchise over the last few years and offers very solid blocking skills to go with a great pair of hands. Unfortunately he must be upgraded on because he offers too little between the 20s. Having Fasano as a compliment to a more athletic #1 is another good option depending on who we pursue.
    Anthony Fasano to the Bucs for 2 years @ 5.5 million
    QB Matt Moore Matt Moore would be a welcomed returnee to hold the clipboard behind Tanny and provide quality insurance in the event of an injury. This appears unlikely with so many teams in flux at the quarterback position and a potentially steep price tag for a back up. It's clear we want him back, but with chances to start he will price himself out of our range.
    Matt Moore to the Browns for 2 years @ 10 million
    FS Chris Clemons Chris Clemons emerged this past season as a solid complement to Reshad Jones. He isn't a game changer, but is a consistent option in the defensive backfield who seldom is caught out of position. I'd let him test the market because there's a lot of solid safety options this year that offer more game changing ability. If we strike out on some safeties, Clemons is a very solid candidate to return.
    G/T Tony McDaniel A potential fallback option with Starks being jettisoned out of town, but overall graded poorly across the board. An interior rotational lineman with better pass rushing ability will be a better avenue to take.
    K Nate Kaeding Brought in late season and one of many legs who could get an invite to push our drafted kicker.
    WR Marlon Moore (RFA) Has had 3 years to set himself apart in a poor receiving core and failed to do so. Mathews looks to have some upside and although Moore's skills on special teams will be missed they can be replaced.
    TE Jeron Mastrud (RFA) Tight end is a position that must be upgraded and Mastrud has proven to be no more than a marginal backup.

    OT Sebastian Vollmer
    This is where the offseason gets fun. My biggest financial move is to solidify Tanny's offensive line. With Jake Long gone Martin will have his opportunity to run with the left tackle job, he's the biggest wild card on the offensive line. With Vollmer not only do we get a solid all around blocker, we steal him from a division rival. He excels as both a pass blocker and run blocker and is still young. Gosder Cherilus was also considered as his price tag will likely be less, but inconsistency and mediocrity in the run game gives the edge to Vollmer.
    Sign Sebastian Vollmer for 5 years @ 37.5 million
    CB Chris Houston
    As I've mentioned our corners have been woeful for a long time. With many solid options on the market I decided to go with Houston. Although a little undersized he has been a solid corner in a bad secondary for the last few years and I liked him coming out of Arkansas as a prospect. He gets the edge over a handful of decent guys but to me he is only reaching his prime and can be a solid #1 in our secondary.
    Sign Chris Houston for 5 years @ 30 million
    WR Greg Jennings
    When it comes down to wide receiver, it's not a question of "if" but "who"? Jennings is expecting a big pay day, unfortunately for him I don't see him reaching his lofty contract expectations. For 8.5 million a year he is a much better option than Wallace in my opinion. Wallace lacks the route running ability necessary in our WCO and Jennings is a proven option with experience in our system and a rock solid attitude. Although a potential injury risk Jennings still possesses the speed and quickness that has made him one of the most productive wide receivers in football. He will be a solid and reliable #1 for Tannehill and won't cripple our cap.
    Sign Greg Jennings for 3 years @ 25.5 million
    FS Glover Quin (HOU) Here's a guy I did everything in my power to work into our offseason blueprint. The Dolphins have struggled mightily covering tight end and slot receivers and Quin is the perfect remedy to that ailment. A converted corner, Quin lined up in the slot or over the tight end more than any other safety in football last year and his experience there is huge for a defense that is only a few pieces away.
    Sign Glover Quin for 4 years @ 22.5 million
    TE Martellus Bennett
    Bennett is a perfect replacement for Fasano. He replaces what Fasano could do as a blocker and offers a level of athleticism that Fasano simply could not provide. As one of the best blocking tight ends in football he is also a big body who can help make plays in the redzone. Bennett is a freak athlete and in his first year out of Witten's shadow he finally seemed to emerge into the player many talent evaluators had envisioned.
    Sign Martellus Bennett for 3 years @ 15 million
    OG Brandon Moore
    Moore has graded out as one of the best guards over the last couple seasons. Another lineman snatched away from a divisional rival. Although getting into his mid thirties, Moore is solid in both run and pass blocking, while also forcing Mark Sanchez fumbles, a win win. Bringing Moore in will solidify the right side of our line and gives us 2 years to find his heir apparent.
    Sign Brandon Moore for 2 years @ 10 million
    CB Greg Toler
    The most underrated guy on my FA list, Toler has filled in as a capable #1 in Arizona, and is skilled enough to at least be a solid #2 in our secondary. Toler does come with some injury risks, but his price tag shouldn't be too steep and could be a bargain.
    Sign Greg Toler for 2 years @ 7.5 million
    DT Sen'Derrick Marks
    With the departure of Starks, investing in a young depth guy with room to grow would be a wise move. Marks was a second rounder a couple years ago in Tennessee and if we're lucky maybe another Titan tackle will flourish the way Starks did. Marks is not particularly exceptional in any aspect of his game, but provides solid depth behind Odrick and Soliai, who is also only under contract for 1 more year.
    Sign Sen'Derrick Marks for 2 years @ 3.75 million
    DE Israel Idonije
    Idonije had a solid year in Chicago and his veteran presence can help the likes of Vernon and a draft pick develop at their own pace. Idonije is solid against both the run and pass and would be a solid stopgap across from Wake and help our secondary.
    Sign Israel Idonije for 1 year @ 3.5 million
    TE James Casey
    Another tight end who has developing in the shadow of an established NFL starter, Casey had a mini breakout this past season. Coming out of Rice he was one of those guys who lined up anywhere from H-back to quarterback, and little has changed in the NFL. Still young, Casey could develop into the perfect compliment to Bennett and offer another seam threat who can create mismatches all over the field.
    Sign James Casey for 2 years @ 3 million
    QB Seneca Wallace
    Although out of football last year, I've always been a fan of Seneca's and his ability to keep plays alive. He has experience in the WCO, comes cheap and is similar athletically to Tannehill.
    Sign Seneca Wallace for 1 year @ 720K
    TOTAL COSTS = $48,845,000


    2013 NFL DRAFT
    ROUND 1
    12) Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU
    ROUND 2
    42) Jonathon Banks, CB, Mississippi State
    ROUND 2
    54) Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee
    ROUND 3
    79) Stepfan Taylor, RB, Stanford
    ROUND 3
    84) Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern
    ROUND 4
    113) Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU
    ROUND 4 (Supplemental)
    138) Brandon Washington, OG, Miami
    ROUND 5
    146) Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State (via Thomas trade)
    ROUND 5
    150) Malliciah Goodman, DE, Clemson
    ROUND 7
    219) Omar Hunter, DT, Florida
    ROUND 7
    226) Michael Clay, OLB, Oregon

    POS Starter Backup 3rd String 4th String
    QB Ryan Tannehill Seneca Wallace* Pat Devlin
    RB Lamar Miller Stepfan Taylor** Marcus Thigpen Jonas Gray
    FB Jorvorskie Lane
    WR1 Greg Jennings* Davone Bess Rishard Mathews
    WR2 Brian Hartline* Justin Hunter** Armon Binns
    TE Martellus Bennett* James Casey* Charles Clay Michael Egnew
    Kyle Miller
    LT Jonathon Martin Will Yeatman
    LG Richie Incognito Brandon Washington**
    C Mike Pouncey Josh Samuda
    RG Brandon Moore*
    RT Sebastian Vollmer* John Jerry
    POS Starter Backup 3rd String 4th String
    DE Cameron Wake Olivier Vernon Malliciah Goodman**
    DT Jared Odrick Sen'Derrick Marks* Brandon Williams**
    DT Paul Soliai Kheeston Randall Omar Hunter**
    DE Israel Idonije* Barkevious Mingo** Derrick Shelby
    WLB Kevin Burnett Josh Kaddu Michael Clay**
    MLB Karlos Dansby Jason Trusnik Austin Spitler
    SLB Koa Misi Jonathon Freeny
    CB1 Chris Houston* Greg Toler* Nolan Carroll* Julian Posey
    CB2 Jonathon Banks** Tyrann Mathieu** Jimmy Wilson
    FS Glover Quin* Tyron Culver Kelcie McCray
    SS Reshad Jones Jonathon Amaya*
    POS Starter Backup 3rd String 4th String
    K Dustin Hopkins**
    P Brandon Fields
    LS John Denney

    Top 51 2013 Cap Hit 2014 Cap Hit Dead Money
    1 LB Karlos Dansby $8,575,000 $11,575,000 $4,650,000
    2 WR Greg Jennings $8,000,000 $8,500,000
    3 OT Sebastian Vollmer $7,500,000 $7,500,000
    4 DT Paul Soliai $7,375,000 UFA $1,575,000
    5 CB Chris Houston $6,000,000 $6,000,000
    6 LB Kevin Burnett $5,700,000 $7,000,000 $2,500,000
    7 OL Richie Incognito $5,383,334 UFA $1,083,334
    8 DE Cameron Wake $5,015,000 $7,285,000 $14,985,000
    9 TE Martellus Bennett $5,000,000 $5,000,000
    10 WR Brian Hartline $5,000,000 $5,000,000
    11 OG Brandon Moore $4,500,000 $5,500,000
    12 CB Greg Toler $3,500,000 $4,000,000
    13 DE Israel Idonije $3,500,000 UFA
    14 WR Davone Bess $3,433,334 UFA $750,000
    15 QB Ryan Tannehill $2,879,205 $3,455,046 $10,365,138
    16 C Mike Pouncey $2,525,371 $2,946,267 $5,471,638
    17 FS Glover Quin $5,000,000 $5,500,000
    18 DT Sen'Derrick Marks $1,500,000 $2,000,000
    19 DE Jared Odrick $1,939,868 $2,004,873 $2,599,271
    20 DE Barkevious Mingo** (12) $1,877,306 $2,346,295
    21 P Brandon Fields $1,645,000 $3,661,116 $2,080,000
    22 TE James Casey $1,500,000 UFA
    23 LB Koa Misi $1,131,905 UFA $467,500
    24 OT Jonathan Martin $1,087,333 $1,304,800 $2,047,067
    25 LS John Denney $1,013,750 UFA $143,750
    26 LB Jason Trusnik $931,666 $1,055,000 $400,000
    27 CB Jonathon Banks (43) $871,791 $1,089,739
    28 OL John Jerry $789,625 UFA $214,625
    29 QB Seneca Wallace $720,000 UFA
    30 S Tyron Culver $700,000 UFA
    31 DE Olivier Vernon $669,520 $759,520 $478,560
    32 WR Justin Hunter** (56) $659,300 $824,125
    33 TE Michael Egnew $652,239 $742,239 $441,717
    34 CB/S Jonathon Amaya $630,000 UFA
    35 CB Nolan Carroll $622,939 UFA $47,939
    36 S Reshad Jones $615,075 RFA $40,075
    37 RB Lamar Miller $601,500 $691,500 $364,500
    38 TE Charles Clay $583,000 $673,000 $56,000
    39 CB Jimmy Wilson $566,475 $656,475 $22,950
    40 RB Stepfan Taylor** (79) $556,594 $671,594
    41 OT Will Yeatman $555,000 RFA $0
    42 QB Pat Devlin $555,000 RFA
    43 Bryan McCann $555,000 RFA
    44 LB Austin Spitler $555,000 RFA
    45 DT Brandon Williams (84) $546,890 $656,890
    46 CB Tyrann Mathieu (113) $515,845 $605,845
    47 OG Brandon Washington (138) $454,500 $544,500
    48 DT Kheeston Randall $495,612 $585,612 $46,836
    49 WR Rishard Matthews $493,403 $583,403 $38,544
    50 DE Derrick Shelby $483,333 $573,334 $1,667
    51 RB Marcus Thigpen $482,500 $572,500 $5,000
    TOP 51 Salaries $116,443,213
    + Dead Money $4,663,572
    Final Offseason
    Team Salary 2013
    Salary Cap Space $2,793,215
    RB Jonas Gray $480,000 $570,000 $0
    G/C Josh Samuda $480,000 $570,000 $0
    FB Jorvorskie Lane $480,000 $570,000 $0
    LB Josh Kaddu $480,000 ERFA $0
    WR Armon Binns $480,000 ERFA $0
    LB Jonathan Freeny $480,000 ERFA $0
    TE Kyle Miller $480,000 $480,000 $0
    CB Julian Posey $480,000 $480,000 $0
    DT DeAndre Presley $480,000
    LB Lee Robinson $480,000
    K Dustin Hopkins (146) $452,220 $542,220
    DE Malliciah Goodman (150) $451,048 $541,048
    DT Omar Hunter (219) $417,150 $507,150
    Michael Clay (226) $416,850 $506,074
    S Kelcie McCray $408,333 $405,000 $3,333
    OT Andrew McDonald $405,000
    Chandler Burden $405,000
    Brian Tyms $405,000
    Jeff Adams $405,000
    Jeff Fuller $405,000
    Projected Cap Space
    Resigning Costs
    Free Agency Costs
    Total Signing Costs
    Leftover for Draft Picks
    Draft Cost $6,688,612
    Total Cap Space Remaining
    K Dan Carpenter - $3,012,500 - $2,700,000 $312,500
    CB Dimitri Patterson - $4,600,000 - $4,600,000 $0
    CB Richard Marshall - $5,766,666 - $4,600,000 $2,333,334
    RB Daniel Thomas $882,652 $669,217 $426,870
    Dead Money
    CB RIchard Marshall $2,333,334
    CB Vontae Davis $1,111,250
    RB Daniel Thomas $426,870
    K Dan Carpenter 312,500
    WR Clyde Gates $226,576
    LB Josh Kaddu $140,055
    WR B.J. Cunningham $79,650
    CB Kevyn Scott $6,000
    DT Chas Alecxih $5,000
    WR Jeff Fuller $5,000
    WR Derek Moye $3,334
    DE Jarrell Root $3,334
    DE Jacquies Smith $3,334
    OL Dustin Waldron $3,334
    LB Shelly Lyons $2,000
    TE Les Brown $1,667
    OL Andrew McDonald $334
    Total Dead Money $4,663,572
    Salary Cap $123,900,000
    Total 2013 Salary Cap
    After Cuts
    Projected Cap Space
    Post Cuts
    Cost for Draft Picks
    Projected Cap Space
    Considering Draft Picks

    So some final thoughts with this offseason. You can see with all these moves that we're still under the salary cap with a bit of a buffer. We've got solid starters across the board with no glaring holes. There are rumors that Quin will be tagged and if that's the case we have even more room and we can bring back Clemons (probably 3 a year).

    Looking forward you can see our 2014 situation. I include the guys under contract, and would cut Dansby, while restructuring Burnett. When it's all said and done we're in decent cap space for the upcoming seasons only needing to replace starters at guard, defensive tackle, middle linebacker and long snapper.

    Let me know what Dolphins nation thinks!

    Top 51 2014 Cap Hit Dead Money
    1 WR Greg Jennings $8,500,000
    2 OT Sebastian Vollmer $7,500,000
    3 DE Cameron Wake $7,285,000 $14,985,000
    4 CB Chris Houston $6,000,000
    5 OG Brandon Moore $5,500,000
    6 FS Glover Quin $5,500,000
    7 LB Kevin Burnett $5,000,000 RESTRUCTURE
    8 TE Martellus Bennett $5,000,000
    9 WR Brian Hartline $5,000,000
    10 CB Greg Toler $4,000,000
    11 P Brandon Fields $3,661,116 $2,080,000
    12 QB Ryan Tannehill $3,455,046 $10,365,138
    13 C Mike Pouncey $2,946,267 $5,471,638
    14 Round 1 $2,500,000*
    15 DE Barkevious Mingo** (12) $2,346,295
    16 DE Jared Odrick $2,004,873 $2,599,271
    17 DT Sen'Derrick Marks $2,000,000
    18 TE James Casey $1,500,000
    19 Round 2 $1,150,000*
    20 OT Jonathan Martin $1,304,800 $2,047,067
    21 LB Jason Trusnik $1,055,000 $400,000
    22 CB Jonathon Banks (43) $1,089,739
    23 Round 3 $900,000*
    24 WR Justin Hunter** (56) $824,125
    25 DE Olivier Vernon $759,520 $478,560
    26 TE Michael Egnew $742,239 $441,717
    27 Round 4 $700,000*
    28 RB Lamar Miller $691,500 $364,500
    29 TE Charles Clay $673,000 $56,000
    30 RB Stepfan Taylor** (79) $671,594
    31 DT Brandon Williams (84) $656,890
    32 CB Jimmy Wilson $656,475 $22,950
    33 CB Tyrann Mathieu (110) $605,845
    34 DT Kheeston Randall $585,612 $46,836
    35 WR Rishard Matthews $583,403 $38,544
    36 DE Derrick Shelby $573,334 $1,667
    37 RB Marcus Thigpen $572,500 $5,000
    38 RB Jonas Gray $570,000 $0
    39 G/C Josh Samuda $570,000 $0
    40 FB Jorvorskie Lane $570,000 $0
    41 OG Brandon Washington (134) $544,500
    42 K Justin Hopkins (137) $544,625
    43 DE Malliciah Goodman (141) $543,000
    44 Brandon Williams (203) $510,150
    45 Round 5 $500,000*
    46 TE Kyle Miller $480,000
    47 CB Julian Posey $480,000
    S Reshad Jones RFA $40,075
    OT Will Yeatman RFA $0
    QB Pat Devlin RFA
    Bryan McCann RFA
    TOP 51 Salaries $94,056,448
    + Dead Money $4,650,000
    Final Offseason
    Team Salary 2013
    Salary Cap Space
    Estimated Cap $125,000,000*
    LB Karlos Dansby $11,575,000 $4,650,000
    LB Kevin Burnett -$2,000,000
    2014 UFA's
    DT Paul Soliai UFA
    OL Richie Incognito UFA
    DE Israel Idonije UFA
    WR Davone Bess UFA
    QB Seneca Wallace UFA
    LB Koa Misi UFA
    LS John Denney UFA
    CB/S Jonathon Amaya UFA
    OL John Jerry UFA
    CB Nolan Carroll UFA

    2014 Projected Roster and Holes
    POS Starter Backup 3rd String 4th String
    QB Ryan Tannehill Pat Devlin
    RB Lamar Miller Stepfan Taylor** Marcus Thigpen Jonas Gray
    FB Jorvorskie Lane
    WR1 Greg Jennings* Rishard Mathews
    WR2 Brian Hartline* Justin Hunter** Armon Binns
    TE Martellus Bennett* James Casey* Charles Clay Michael Egnew
    Kyle Miller
    LT Jonathon Martin Will Yeatman
    LG Brandon Washington**
    C Mike Pouncey Josh Samuda
    RG Brandon Moore*
    RT Sebastian Vollmer*
    POS Starter Backup 3rd String 4th String
    DE Cameron Wake Olivier Vernon Malliciah Goodman**
    DT Jared Odrick Sen'Derrick Marks*
    DT Kheeston Randall
    DE Barkevious Mingo** Derrick Shelby
    WLB Kevin Burnett Josh Kaddu ​Michael Clay**
    MLB Jason Trusnik
    SLB Jonathon Freeny
    CB1 Chris Houston* Greg Toler* Julian Posey
    CB2 Jonathon Banks** Tyrann Mathieu** Jimmy Wilson
    FS Chris Clemons Kelcie McCray
    SS Reshad Jones (RFA)
    POS Starter Backup 3rd String 4th String
    K Dustin Hopkins**
    P Brandon Fields
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    Long, but nice presentation . . . I have to give you that (whether I agree or not).
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    Re: Grushcow's in depth Cap Conscious Offseason strategy - Give it a read! (Long)....

    wow.... we disagree on quite a few things but well done! You put a lot of effort into that!
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    Nice job with the post. What jumps out to me...that's alot of free agents; you're adding 10 new starters, which you rarely see in the NFL.
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    Yup, can't say I agree 100%. Would be interesting to check this post after the off-season and see how you compared to Ireland lol
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    I wish I was Pat Devlin. Half a million dollars a year, little responsibility.. If he gets married hes insane
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    Lots of good work there
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    Love the effort and love the free agent signings. Only one huge problem. Team chemistry would be a disaster. Adding so many new starters we'd probably have a worse record due to chemistry issues despite having more talent.
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    I appreciate the depth of your analysis and respect your passion for our team. You are approaching this as a radical change by basically getting rid of all the more expensive free agents. While I'm expecting a number to go, I'd be shocked if Ireland discarded the lot. I would not let Starks, Fasano and Clemmons walk.
    I do not like your draft much. Everything I hear is that Mingo is too light to play DE in a 4:3 and he is best suited as an OLB in a 3:4 defense. Banks is too slow. Hunter is about choice 8 of the WRs
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    Great Post. I would like to see A top end DE or LB in Free Agency. And a CB and WR in the first 2 picks.
    I got $500 on the Dolphins to win the Superbowl.

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