For Nicole, a 19-year-old from New York City, life revolves around her addiction -- she eats deodorant, about a half a stick a day.
"When I wake up in the morning, I want deodorant; after each meal, I eat deodorant; when I get stressed out, I eat deodorant; in the middle of the night when I wake up out of a sleep, I want deodorant," Nicole said on a popular TLC show that aired recently, "My Strange Addiction."

Nicole said that she first started eating deodorant when she was 4 years old, but the habit escalated two years ago into a full-blown addiction.

She takes the cap, scoops a solid, waxy taste from the deodorant stick, and swallows it. She said she prefers certain "rich-tasting" brands over others.
Recently, Nicole discovered that she also likes deodorant spray. "The residue doesn't get stuck on my teeth and it absorbs into my mouth really fast," she said. "The first time my mouth got really numb, but I like the taste."
Nicole did not want to speak to press about her craving for deodorant, but there have clearly been health consequences, including stomach cramps, and her doctor has expressed concerns.
"It gets really sore and my mouth gets really dry," she says on the show. "But at the same time my mouth is watering because I am craving it. I take deodorant everywhere I go."