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odrick is depth in case u lose solia and or starks next year...makes no sense to trade him right now...and you wouldn't get any real bang for your buck if you did so now anyways...if anything you'd be selling low...
Although I agree that he is great depth....... I'm pretty pissed that a first rounder is a 'depth guy.' Not getting any bang for your buck from a former first is pretty pathetic. I know he is a solid contributor, but he is in the wrong position. We have depth with McDaniel. Hopefully Vernon is developing the way Wake did and we can trade our first rounder for a 5th or 6th while people still remember wo he is. If we draft DE or Vernon comes through, Odrick will be sitting the bench and his trade value will diminish.

After the draft and FA we are going to have a log jam on the D-line.