I can't believe people are still trying this ****.

P.T. Barnum had it right.

I got this e-mail today.

This is to your Attention:
This message is coming from the senate president of the federal republic of Nigeria, after the meeting held with the new president of the federal republic of Nigeria DR. Jonathan Good luck, regarding all foreign payments, both in Nigeria and outside country. As the senate president, I been  mandated to handle all the foreign payments.
However, we have got alot of reports about your payment which you have been pursuing for so many years now, but to no avail, we knew that alot of people have used the name of the top officials of the Nigeria government to defraud you, also so many people have claimed to be managers of different banks here in Nigeria to swindle money from you.
All these we are very much aware of and we are working seriously to put a stop to all this mess, as the senate president, I have set security everywhere regarding payment in Nigeria and I have decided to bring all foreign payments both inheritance payment and contract payment to my desk so that I will take a good look at all this payment problems. I am cognizance of the fact that you have lost a lot of money in the past in pursuance of your payment.
Note that we have stopped all foreign payments from any banks here in Nigeria, we have decided to carry out payment with one bank which we have scrutinized the activities of the bank and have gaven them the right to effect foreign payment. We kept a close watch to the bank but we know that they will transfer your fund legally to your account. Also we have made a perfect arrangement with our payment centre in Europe for same purpose.
Have it in mind that the total sum of your fund we saw from the original payment file is 23.8 million dollars, we assure you that you are going to receive this payment, do your self a good thing by responding back to this message, this is a message that will give you a good life also to  start a new beginning, all this ordeal you have gone through will  come to an end, if only you can believe, note that he that laugh last laugh best.
Finally, do not disclose this payment to anybody, because we are very much aware that you have been dealing with unscrupulous elements for a long time, we do not want them to have any idea of this payment method, to avoid hackers getting information of this payment.
Do reconfirm your information to me.
(1) Your Full Name:
(2)Contact Address:
(4)Phone &mobile:
(6)Bank Details:
His Excellency
Senate President of the.
Federal republic of Nigeria.
Dr. David Mark