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Thread: Hartline and Dolphins near deal....

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    All the silliness in this thread.

    Hartlune is a good receiver. He excels at the sideline routes, has better than average size and a little speed. He runs great routes, has good hands, and dependably produces yards and first downs. He blocks well, he does just about everything well. If he were 5'8, had his own reality TV show, or a personality disorder I'm guessing many on this board would love him.

    He isn't Calvin Johnson, but at 6M per year there are many higher paid WR's that are less productive. The whole argument that if you take out the Arizona game he is average puzzles me. It was the highest yardage game by a WR in MIAMI DOLPHIN HISTORY. D'ya think a day like that might pad a WR's stats a bit?

    I'm guessing that if you take a day like that away from any receiver his stats would go down dramatically, even great receivers like Andre Johnson, Roddy White, or Mike Wallace. So of course it is going to have an impact on a good but not great WR like Hartline.

    Get over the delusions of grandeur people. Wallace will be 13M to 14M per year, and Jennings probably 9.5 To 11.5M per year. Nothing about this deal suggests that anyone thinks Hartline is in that tier of legitimate #1 receivers.
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