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Thread: Should have franchised Sean Smith

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    Its not about if Sean Smith is worth it or overrated, as I agree he is not worth it and is overated. I dont like Sean Smith, but he is no doubt the best corner on our roster, with nobody able to step in and perform anywhere near to his level.

    I love Randy Starks, but we have a player in Odrick who is a no.1 draft pick, playing out of position, who could slide in and replace immediately.

    As i said, I would prefer Randy Starks over Sean Smith, but for the upcoming season, IMO, we will miss Sean Smith more than we would have Randy Starks.
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    When it comes to the franchise tag, I agree that Starks was the right call. With the amount of DBs that are hitting FA and those in the draft, I don't doubt that we can find some guys that'll play just as well or poorly, depending upon your stance, as Sean Smith for less money than what he's looking for.
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