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Thread: Could Jeff Ireland be "spreading the wealth" in terms of FA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCF Nation View Post
    So far we have:

    - Franchised DT Randy Starks (with the possibility to sign long-term.)
    - Resigned Hartline (Smart move due to the chemistry factor in a difficult offense.)
    - Resigned Matt Moore (A bit pricey. But running the read option is more of a health risk for a QB, so smart move on JI's part.)

    Now we are hearing reports of the Dolphins examining Jake Long, and that he isn't going get get any offers for his outrageous asking price due to the recent flood of RT's on the market. I heard on the radio that the Dolphins intend to offer him a team-friendly deal which isn't that surprising. If he takes it than that will solidify our RT problem going forward.

    If we sign JL, I don't know if we can afford Mike Wallace so I predict that this is where Greg Jennings comes in. He is a reliable option as a number 1 receiver, and I think he is the perfect role model for the young ones. He is sure to come cheaper than Mike Wallace due to age, recent injury history, etc.

    Do you guys think Jeff Ireland is going to use the salary cap to just fill holes with medium-high tier talent, instead of splurging on huge FA like Wallace? He seems to be going for more depth to complete the team, rather than max out one attribute of it. The draft will certainly be interesting..
    I can't for the life of me figure out how people derive that we can't sign Wallace if we sign Long, I can't. We have $28mil without even restructuring anyone yet where is it being fathomed that we can't sign them "and" a few more? If Dwayne Bowe's mega contract only counts $4mil against the cap this year, Wallace's shouldn't count that much more, same with Long. We can and will sign a few FAs, add Brandon Gibson to the list when we clear up another $2mil by cutting Bess.
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    jeff must go
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