So we have a new SimCity game after years of waiting and its great... mostly.

The game has rave reviews and is very fun but the launch has been a mess. You have to be online to play (form of DRM) and well the servers keep crashing, millions cant even play in single player. I got in... im playing on an Asian server

The game is now based around a region system, lots of smaller interconnected cities, you can share resources (like power) and services like Police just like real life towns, this is cool but the city size is now smaller than previous games.

Some pics:

My region

Two "feeder" cities that only excist to provide my main city with power and resources.

This is my main site, its cool, but well space is limited which is pretty annoying

So SimCity, good game (if management is your thing) which I highly recommend but...give it a week

Is anyone else playing?