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Thread: Dolphins interested in Charles Woodson and Wes Welker

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    Not sure I believe either of those. The Dolphins are looking for a young safety/nickel back to pair with Reshad Jones should Clemons prove too expensive, so I don't think we're really players for Woodson.

    Welker is likely a move designed to press the Patriots. Since the Pats are pursuing Wallace, the Dolphins are proably looking to drive the price up for Welker and force New England to choose. If the Patriots bow out of the Wallace sweepstakes, good. If they go all in and lose Welker ... also good. ;D But in the end, I don't think the Dolphins actually want to sign Welker. If we go for a slot receiver it will be Jennings in FA or Swope in the draft. Otherwise, we'll stand pat with Bess for the time being.
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    At this point Swope is a much better addition to Welker, faster, much cheaper, and has lots of potential. Welker will be on the decline very soon.

    Woodson, no, absolutely not. No stop gaps, no old men. Get young hungry players and allow them to grow and mature together. if we sign the likes of Woodson or reed I will be furious.
    Im selling a club level ticket to the Dolphins v Raiders in London - will sell it for below face value. PM me if your interested.
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    IMO, Bess = Welker. No need for him.
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