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Can anybody tell me what the advantage was in telling everybody in the world what our intentions were?? WTH??

Didn't Ireland ever watch The Godfather.

"Never let anyone outside the family know what you are thinking."

Just seems like a stupid position to put yourself in.

Wouldn't it be better to blow some smoke around and come at these things from a clandestine vantage point.

What was Ireland craving attention?

Can't this guy do anything discreetly with some tact, or is all about him blurting crap out like, " so your mom is a crack whore?"

I don't trust this guy to sell popcorn at the games.

Am I wrong? If so,Why?
He's always operated in secrecy, until all the fans bitched about it soo much that Ross made him become a bit more forthcoming with his intentions to help with PR