Excuse me for bragging about this non-male Finheaveners, but I have to the news out there. Recently the staff decided it was time to make VIP a truely unique experience and one of the new things we came up with was making a VIP Ladies Lounge. Due to the nature of VIP we felt like we could create an R-Rated Ladies Lounge, exclusive to the VIP forum. Yes, truely R-Rated, Join VIP and enjoy a more relaxed Ladies Lounge (hint full topless pictures).

Now for some of you this may not be a huge draw, for others you might be clicking like silly to get your vip membership renewed. The more people who join VIP the more we can keep finheaven the same as it's always been. A simple fact of the matter is that we have over 13,000 active members, and less than 5 percent of that 13,000k has donated or given back to the site in the last 2 years. If we can't meet our financial goals, we may have to cut bandwidth where we can, and what takes up more bandwidth than a forum that hosts mostly pictures and videos? That's right guys, the free ladies lounge is in danger of being shut down or at least blocked to non-VIP members.

In closing for now, I wanted to get the "word" out about what I think is a great addition to the VIP section of Finheaven.