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That was pretty lame. History doesnt mean much. I hate it when people try to say that some player is going to perform this way or that way based on what some other people did before them. Just because some other players that played with Lexis were busts doesnt mean Ellerbe will be one. A lot of FA signings are also done with little thought as to the outcome. So many players are picked up in FA and thrown into terrible situations/ new schemes that dont fit their playing style. Personally I have faith that they know what they are doing. Seems to me Ireland is actually pretty good, he just had to get rid of Parcells mess first. just MHO.
Hey! I am not knocking you for disagreeing with me at all. I understand your point too, something else i'm going to add to that is most players after they get paid they just slack off and aren't really hungry anymore. One thing you got to understand on my point of view that's all we can go by now and to start calling Ireland a genius or anything more. It is not safe to say that as of right now and we shouldn't be forgive Ireland just yet about all the F ups he's done in the past. Trust me I want Ellerbe to pan out and be a pro bowl player but he has to prove it. Thanks though for not being a little kid like most in this board