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I was thinking to myself why did we just sign Ellerbe to so much money. The Ravens have been my 2nd favorite team ever since I can remember growing up in D.C. and I am totally in shock that why would Ireland pay him that much money. I remember correctly that Ray Lewis has made others around him better and have gotten other linebackers paid but they ended up being busts for other teams. So I went on to google and searched for all the linebackers that played with Ray Lewis and have gotten paid. Here are some names: Adelius Thomas, Bart Scott, Jarret Johnson and Edgerton Hartwell. Though we have been active in free agency we really haven't made any big moves. In fact I think our defense got downgraded at linebacker and we are in for a great disappointment on D.
He may end up being a bust, I'd be more concerned w/ him barely starting and making this money based off a few really good games in postseason than about comparing him to past Bal LBs and Bart Scott was a great signing for us, he was excellent his first 2 years and only had one bad year for us while helping us to the doorstep of the SB twice.