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Love these generalizations someone no one here is familiar with pulls out of his/her azz - which turns out not to be correct at that as Ellerbe also excelled replacing Ray. Why not also contend that Washington was stupid drafting RG3 against the odds, as there hadn't been a successful Baylor QB since Cotton Davidson and Don Trull in the old, less competitive AFL? Hell, for that matter, shame on the Colts drafting Luck, considering the last QB to be NFL-successful was Elway close to 30 years ago. Unlike these two with no empirical evidence that they could transition to the NFL, aAt least with Ellerbe, there's a reasonable impressive body of work competing at the highest level.
This is absolutely hysterical since back in 2009 YOU told me:

Rex would fail b/c his dad failed to win playoff games- rex won 4 playoff games
rex would fail b/c other former Ravens DCs failed
Scott was a bad signing b/c other former Raven LBs were busts as FAs

It's so interesting how you suddenly change your philosphy when Miami signs a guy. Just like you love Calvin pace when Miami was rumored to sign him then he sucked a day later when he signed w/ the Jets.