Now for all the haters who are not Dolphins fans and who are fans this is for you. First for the Dolphins fans who arent pleased on what they are doing this offseason need to wake up. Miami made some great moves. Yea they got rid of Brandon Marshall and I know alot of people werent pleased about it but I think it was a great move. It gave us more draft picks to build a better future for the team. Plus he was a head case ready to blow up. Thats not good for a young QB. Miami knew they needed a #1 WR and they got him. Mike Wallace is what Miami needs. Having a WR who can score TDS and be a deep threat is a major plus. Miami lacked in scoring TDS last season. They also got Gibson to put the cherry on top. Having Wallace,Hartline,Bess, & Gibson is no doubt the best WR core I seen in years being a Dolphins Fan. Yes Miami let Fasano go but filled that hole quick with the signing of Dustin Keller. To me I rather have Kelller then Fasano any day. Miami needed to be young and thats where they want to be to make it to the top. Every Dolphins fan is complaining about not picking up a CB yet. Its only been 4 days take a breath and breathe for a second. Miami has plenty of time to fill more holes. I bet Miami isnt done either. Miami will probably try to sign back Jake Long. If they cant then I bet Eric Winston will be a Dolphin in no time. After that is settled Miami will get a CB to fill the void of Sean Smith. There are plenty of Free Agent CB left. Charles Woodson, Brent Grimes, Tracey Porter etc..... Stop crying and saying Miami needs to pick up a CB...They WILL CALM DOWN!!! Everything is going to fall into place. Its make or break year and Jeff Ireland knows it. He must succeed with his plan. He wants to win a super bowl. He knows if he doesnt succeed this year he could be headed out the door. Thats why he is doing everything possible to make this team a super bowl contender. Once Miami is done signing a CB and OT they will fill the rest of there holes in the draft. Our first round pick should be a starting CB if everything I just said works out right. Xavier Rhodes will be Miami new starting CB along side our CB free agent pick up. So Miami Fans stop worrying and stop bashing Jeff Ireland and the front office. Its only day 4 relax and enjoy the rest of the offseason, because when its all said and done you will see Miami in the playoffs this year maybe even reach the super bowl.

Now as for the Dolphins haters....All I can say is you wish your team was doing a good enough job like Miami is this year....When Miami is better then your team you will wish you would of been a Dolphins fan all along...Go Dolphins.