This is Mr Waggles. He is a dog I rescued from an abusive home. He is my best friend and i adore him greatly. I play with him everyday, take him on walks and he sleeps next to me every night

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I hope he lives a long and wonderful life but if i dont get 25 votes by this Monday I am taking him to Mr. Wu's Chinese Emporium down the street and the next time anyone sees Mr. Waggles is on the Friday Night dinner menu.

I dont want to lose Mr. Waggles. Hes a dear friend and would miss him greatly but if I dont get the necessary votes, as God is my witness, Mr Waggles is going in the pot and Kung Pow Puppy is the special of the night.

So please vote for Harry Bagpipe and dont make me do this.

Remember vote for HarryBagpipe because if i lose its 100% your fault. and i still do hate you all very very much