Been reading a lot lately that the cornerbacks in our system need to be very good playing zone. Other defenses rely on man-to-man corners (this is why Sean Smith was allowed to walk - he's a good M2M and just an average zone guy). I guess the big difference is quickness and reaction time as opposed to straight line speed?

With that said, What type of CB is each of these guys?

I'm guessing now but this is how I read the CBs (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here):

Dee Milliner - Man to Man
Desmond Truffant - Man to Man
Xavier Rhodes - Zone
Jordan Poyner - Zone
Jonathan Banks - Zone
Robert Alford - ?
Blidi Wreh-wilson - Zone
Tyrann Matthieu - ?
DJ Hayden - ?
Darius Slay - ?
David Amerson - ?
BW Webb - ?

I would love to draft Rhodes (1), Alford (3a) and Matthieu (4a).