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these kind of threads come about because the dolphins havnt had any BONAFIDE, REAL TALENT on offense [and only a small few on defense] in a long, long time.

brandon marshall used his miami stop to refuel for the pro bowl and the chicago bears.

so when your team hasnt produced any real talent, guys start getting hyped. and hyped BIG in some situations. i havn't seen a team get so ga-ga over expendable players in my life. from rob konrad to the recent sean smith debacle, people have gone spit slober over "marginal talent at best" players.

when your stranded on a desert island and you havnt had anything to eat in weeks, that cockroach starts looking like a pork chop!

and you see the comments when discussing one of these "roaches", " yeah, but, last year he had that sweet int in the endzone" the player hadnt had a pic since, and only that one in 3 years, but, he had that pic, he can do it, its everyone around him thats bad! same scenerio with a wr, "yeah, but remember 2 years ago he beat [place decent cb name here] for td, he is a stud!! even though thats the only one said player has had since being drafted 3 years previous!!

these are samples, but some of you may get the point. the fans treat some of these players like there perenial pro bowlers and cant be touched. and its all because we havnt had REAL playmakers, consistant playmakers in many years so everytime one of these hyped types, offense or defense makes a td, or int or sack, even though its a RARE thing for them, people act like they do this every week!!

if ireland doesnt get everyone fired, i believe we have a great coach in philbin. reminds me a LOT of tom landry. and if he stays around, he will have this team humming. and if ireland gets the heave and philbin is retained then they should let philbin have more personel decisions. we will have talent again and people will look back and scratch there heads and say, "why did i ever think [place crappy players name here] was worth a crap?".

bess was a GOOD player, but could be covered one on one, wasnt fast, and couldnt find the endzone with a GPS!!

not what i consider a "play maker". more a complimentary player.
all you had to say was WPA sucks