Every year, we have a different setup/players for the O-line.. This is why this unit is not elite (even though we have the talent) because it is not stable, there is no continuity and the chemistry is not there at 100%...

What we need for a young QB is continuity on the O-line. Getting Jake Long back will be critical in several ways (blitz pickup, running game, QB confidence). Pouncey, Incognito and Long are great and have been playing together for a few years now. We need to solve the right side of the O-line by drafting a G in the 2nd round and Martin also has to get stronger.
If we get rid of Long, we are creating 2 problems (left and right side)

We are set at receiver and TE, but Tannehill needs time to throw the ball as well.. If we let Long go, I don't think Tannehill will have much time to throw to Mike Wallace and his 60 million dollar contract