I've got several relatively new computers running different monitors for daily graphic-intensive work. I also have an old pentium 4 single core with 3 gig RAM hooked up to a 21 inch Acer for stuff like this and web surfing..... and that's the setup I'm suddenly having problems with.

When I first boot up this machine, the Acer and boot graphics are perfectly legible on the monitor, but when windows starts up, all the fonts and graphics open up and stay wavy. However after I shut it down and reboot it's all fine. I'm assuming it's not the power supply (surge protector) since the Acer greeting and boot info is as usual - so that it's probably the integrated graphics processor that's at issue

So my question to anyone who knows more about this stuff (which would be just about everyone except my GF), does it sound like the integrated ATI Ratheon Express 200 processor, and if so, is it worth putting in a dedicated graphics card (if yes, what should I be looking for that's compatible with the processor based on the integrated card?) vs just going out and grabbing a new desktop?

TIA for any help (and any MM vote for Vaark would be appreciated).