John Abraham is 34 but has only missed 2 games the last 6 years, and has averaged 10.75 sacks. Imagine a defensive line of Abraham, Soliai, Starks, and Wake. Very well could be one of the more fearsome lines in the league. He got arrested last year on an obstruction of justice charge, but besides that I can't recall any character concerns with him.

Why the lack of love? He has made a career of abusing the best tackles in the game, and seems to be still playing at a high level. If i'm Jeff Ireland, and if he fits the character criteria set for him by Philbin, i see him as a nice, veteran, proven, edge-setting final piece to this defensive front. Spell him with Vernon and Odrick. This allows Odrick to be the guy that spells Soliai on passing downs, and spells Starks to keep him fresh.

I think the interest in Dumervil is a smoke screen, but you don't hear much about the Dolphins targeting the other defensive ends. This means IMO they've told Odrick to lose weight, which would make him strictly a DE. For my money, Odrick as a movable chess piece, and Abraham as the starting DE makes alot of sense, and if it works, it could be quite formidable..

What am i missing in regards to John Abraham? The only thing of concern with him is his age..