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Bro I have a Panasonic that was easy to hook up and yes you will need an HDMI cord depending on how far you have to go will dictate the length that you need. I watch concerts with it in the garage when I just need to relax to music. For me I can see and hear the quality difference. I have picked up several blu ray discs that I had on DVD. I really enjoy it. Best of luck with your decision.

I am still deciding what to do. A lot of ppl are telling me it is soo worth it. One of the reasons I want to get it is because of the lord of the rings trilogy. I heard it looks crazy good on blu ray and offers a lot more bonus material then dvd. Also the lincoln dvd has much less then the blu ray. Some say the dvd is just as good. I am worried cause I hear that dvd's will be dead soon like the vhs. Any advice I get I always take into account. Thanks again.