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Too well thought out and far too little rage. I was thinking more along the lines of:

Only Ireland would draft a ****ing fagg0t at running back.

I swear to God our ****ing sissy ass running back is the softest ****ing queer ive ever seen

Holy **** how do we get a fagg0t for a RB that cant even hit the A gap hard.

He would fumble. What a god damn fagg0t. i hope his fagg0t ass never gets to marry.

Rage is the key my friend.
Okay, coach, how about this:

You'd think a fagg0t like him have a better grip on how to stay low through the hole. He probably even ****s wrong.

I bet if we were on MNF and he was starting he'd be all, "Daniel Thomas, Queer State." But WTF am I thinking? No team starting a fagg0t at running back is getting on MNF.

Great. Now we really are the Miami Dolfags.

Didn't Marino announce that pick? Miami ****s over Marino again...

If Shula was around he'd smack the gay out of that nancy piece of ****. You think Csonka would put up with that? **** no.