Since people are getting tired of this, this is going to be my last response. If you want a start a new thread "Mark played the same role in his playoff wins as Eli did in his", I would be glad to continue.

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4 ranked rush O thanks to Brad Smith in the WC and end arounds and a meaningless week 17 game where we rushed for over 300 yds. Our run game was average that year, that's why we don't just look at rankings.
I don't care where the rushing yards came from. They take pressure off of the QB. That average running game averaged 161 yards in the Jets regular season wins.

The D looked good on paper but this is the same D that lost 45-3 to NE, the same D that tried to blow games late at Miami, at Den, at Cle, Hou, Min and did blow a double digit lead at Chi. we won 11 games mainly b/c Mark and the pass O rescued us numerous times.
The same D that allowed an average of 17 points per game in the Jets 11 wins that you give Mark all the credit for.

He played a huge role in those comebacks.
He played a role, but not as big a role as Eli did in his comeback wins.

It's not ridiculous, you have to compare apples to apples. You are showing cumulative #s where 1 QB had many more attempts.
Having many more attempts proves my point that Eli played a bigger role in his team's wins. They are both QBs and I am comparing what they did in those games. That is apples to apples. You don't want to compare apples to apples. You want to take a sour apple and say I have to add sugar before I compare it to the sweeter apple.

The bottom line is both QBs played really well in their playoff wins, both relied on D. One D showed up in all games, the other did not.
I agree that both QBs played well, but one QB played a much larger role in his team's wins than the other.

Oh and Sanchez has played well in all playoff games. You skip over the Eli one and dones where he has THREE of them and is 41-74, 55%, 443 yds, 2 TDs, 6 INTs, led O to 9.7 PPG, 48.4 rating.
This whole thing is over what each QB did in his team's wins. What does Mark having better numbers in losses really say?

That 9 min TD drive set the tone for the 1st half.
What kind of O is devastated by a 9 min drive only down 7 in the first quarter? If they were so devastated by that drive, why was the Jets first drive on O the best of the 4 that they had in the first half. The Jets stopped Pitt on 4th and 1 on Pitt's second drive when they were in FG range. Wouldn't that pump an O up? How did the Jets O respond? They went 3 and out.

The Jets struggles on O had little to do with the Steelers first drive on O, and had everything to do with how the Pitt D was playing.

I don't view mark and Eli as equals, Eli passed him in 2011 and is far ahead of him. If they had equal talent I think they'd be much closer but they don't so you have to evaluate them overall on the talent they have to work with.
Yet, you say Mark could do everything that Eli did in his Super Bowl runs?

Oh so now you need 3rd down conversions on scoring drives to prove something. mark had the biggest 3rd down conversion of the game at SD buying time and making an incredible throw to Keller for the TD that gave us the lead for the first time in the game.
Yes, it shows what role the QB played in keeping those scoring drives alive. Mark completed a 2 yard pass on 3rd down for a TD. That is great but what did he do to get there? In all the Jets scores against the Chargers, Mark contributed 13 passing yards. The QB doesn't deserve the same amount of credit for his team scoring point when he contributes 13 passing yards to his teams scores.

In all of the Jets playoff scores in their wins (4), Mark contributed 381 yards 5 TDs, and (10) 3rd down conversions

In all of the Giants playoffs scores in just 2011 (4), Eli contributed 763 yards, 9 TDs and (16) 3rd down conversions.

Yet, you give the same amount of credit to each QB for their wins and say numbers don't matter. It is ridiculous!

Tebow won games scoring close to 10 pts each time, he would have one drive. That's very different from Mark's comeback/GW drives.
The point is Tebow winning games when he contributed little. Just like Mark contributing 13 passing yards on all of the Jets scoring drives against SD. He doesn't get the same credit as Eli even though they both won games.
Both QBs had two playoff apps. Mark contributed 981 less yards, 12 less TDs and (21) less 3rd down conversions that kept scoring drives alive. That is not playing the same role.

Pretty much all of them.
You reject reality and substitute your own.

You have said my #s are off but never proven anything.
So Mark has attempted 35 passes in a playoff game, and Eli only average 25 passing attempts in his playoff wins?