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Thread: My very first Mock Draft

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    My very first Mock Draft

    This is my very first Mock draft. I thought I should give it a try because it seems fun so here we go:

    Round 1,No.12: Jonathan Cooper,Guard,North Carolina: Combine one of most athletic lineman in the draft with the most athletic center in the league and that a win-win situation. (Note: I know we just signed the guard from Chicago but forget him and move Jerry to tackle.)
    Round 2,No.42:Logan Ryan,Cornerback,Rutgers: I believe Coyle wants to have his cornerbacks in zone more the man coverage so why not get one of the best zone corners in the draft.
    Round 2,No.54:Blidi Wreh-Wilson,Cornerback,Connecticut: The Double-Down tactic Ireland uses has pretty good and I have a feeling he will do it again in this draft with the corners and with another zone corner as well since he did man coverage corners last time.(Smith and Davis)
    Round 3,No.77:Quanterus Smith,Defensive end,Western Kentucky:I would not hesitate to pick this guy up.I don't care if he is injured this guy's upside is crazy and that game against Alabama (NFL o-line in college football) which he had three sacks was impressive. (Note:I like Tank Carradine but I don't think he will be there with the second pick in the second round)
    Round 3,No.82:Travis Kelce,Tight End,Cincinnati:This kid looks good in film and I think he could be our starter for years to comes.He can block,that already puts him ahead of Egnew,and run decent routes.I like him ahead of Escobar but if Vance Mcdonald is there it may be a tough choice.
    Round 4,No.110:Ace Sander,Wide Receiver,South Carolina:I call him the poor mans Tavon Austin. Look at his film and this guy is dynamic in every phase of the game and we need that in this offense.
    Round 5,No.146:Corey Lemonier,OLB,Auburn:This guy is athletic as hell a beast in both run and coverage but also some depth would be nice.
    Round 5,No.166:Brandon Williams,Defensive Lineman,Missouri Southern:Small school guy but is a force to be reckon with,plus keep in mind that Solia and Stark are playing in there last year of their contract and Randall did play well when his number was called upon.
    Round 7,No.217:Kemal Ishmael,Safty,UCF:I like how this kid plays and at this point Clemons is a stopgap.
    Round 7,No.224:Keith Pough,Lb,Howard:Another small school guy who can add depth to the Lb position this guy is athletic and can go sideline to sideline pretty quick.
    Round 7,No.250:Rex Burkhead,RB,Nebraska:People want to draft a running back this year but I don't think its the important.But if I could have one it would be Burkhead,I want him to become our Peyton Hillis.I think he will be here because he was hurt.

    That is the end of my Mock Draft and I hope you guys agree with some of the picks but we all have different opinions if you hated it post it and I will read it and take it into consideration.
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    dont think we'll take cooper at 12 unless we trade incognito on draft day. thats a little early for ryan imo, love the ace sanders and kelce picks. biggest problem with this draft is you're moving jerry to rt, not a big fan of that. overall not bad though.
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