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Thread: Hoops Scoops...prospects Miami should target in the 2013 draft first 4 rounds...

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    Hoops Scoops...prospects Miami should target in the 2013 draft first 4 rounds...

    I’ll preface this by saying that you won’t see any names of guys that I either:
    1. don’t like as prospects
    2. don’t feel will make it into the range of each pick we have
    3. aren’t a scheme fit i.e. cover 2 corners, 34 prospects only, skill position talent that doesn’t fit this option route system
    4. guys that play not very smart on tape to me
    5. olineman that are too large or not athletic enough or both to play in a zone scheme
    6. guys that don’t meet my height requirements for certain positions or
    7. guys that I don’t think the value makes sense for Miami where they are projected to come off the board
    In other words this is a Miami draft board first 4 rounds prospects that I would target at each pick……there is no particular order here these players at each pick carry pretty much the same grade to me…so if we were on the clock I would choose from one of the prospects listed under each pick # obviously...of course in the event one of the names I have was still on the board when our pick came up next I would obviously be very inclined to pull the trigger on the player with the higher grade depending on what we had done prior…just as any smart general manager should…this is my own analysis off watching a ton of regular and postseason college football tape and keying prospects and the entire postseason draft process from senior bowl and shrine game to nfl combine and pro days…one more thing…you won’t find any qbs…Ryan Tannehill has fixed that position for the long term….with that the Miami Dolphins are on the clock…

    Pick #12 and Round 1 targets…

    Barkevious Mingo
    Defensive End

    This is my top rated fully healthy pure 3 point stance pass rush prospect in the class… long and lean mingo possesses explosive initial first step quickness off the ball and has ridiculous athleticism and nice length and despite his relatively lean frame provides a pop on contact and understands leverage… he rocks people on contact with his hands getting tackles off balance and then redirects back inside to the qb and shows off that 4.5 closing speed and quick acceleration...he runs down things from the backside he has no business getting to and covers ground like a gazelle...he has the ability to gain the edge and turn the corner with that explosive outside speed rush and then flatten out to the qb...as a situational pass rusher in the nickel initially he’s a plug and play hand in the dirt edge guy that tackles must account for and due to his high end tools will make tackles overcommit opening up things redirecting back to the inside…plus hips plus change of direction plus length and acceleration…probably more coveted by 34 teams as a every down player I see that as quite the projection considering how much he has played with a hand in the dirt in college and imo his best attributes are his ability to get up field and make havoc…let this guy hunt the qb…weakness is obvious he’s light in the pants and a liability against the run at this point…more a situational rusher in a 43…but the tools are undeniable…there’s not a tight end in football that can keep this kid at bay if anyone ever tries to block him with one…

    Cornelius Carradine
    Defensive End

    Fully healthy this is the best of true 43 end size pass rush prospect in the class…wow what an athlete and explosion guy…you can pretty much take everything I said about Mingo and post it here…explosive initial first step quickness out of his stance…relentless motor in pursuit…can flatten out to the qb and has for his size very good change of direction and hips…closes on the football shows very good ball awareness terrific acceleration…strength in his hands to shed and power to walk guys into the backfield…this is an every down de with upside still…a top 10 pick fully healthy…coming off an acl this is probably a bit rich to have him this high but you can forget any pick #42 stuff here folks…the kids too good on tape and too high end athlete and tools guy to ever get there…either take him at #12 or in a slight trade down or plan on missing out…

    Lane Johnson
    Offensive Tackle

    6 foot 5 306 lbs…one word…athlete…best feet in the tackle class…fits this zone scheme like a glove…plug and play left tackle with upside…terrific lateral quickness feet are so good he looks like he can mirror guys and keep em at bay just with his footwork…pretty much just toyed with everyone he matched up with at the senior bowl…add in the fact that he has the body to add another 10-15 lbs. and not lose anything athletically and you have yourself a very coveted prospect…sits down well in pass pro shows off terrific knee bend has terrific arm length gets to the second level and makes solid contact in a hurry…in full gallop he moves like a tight end…jaw dropper athletically… bottom line here is Miami either trades up for Lane Johnson or they miss out…he’s not getting to pick #12…I include him here in the event we do trade up…

    Keenan Allen
    Wide Receiver

    My top rated wide receiver in the class…6 ft. 2 205 lbs. this is the most polished big body wr in the class…inability to work out and run has hurt his stock and he probably will be on the board longer than he should be but there’s no doubt in my mind had he been able to work out and run he would be a top 15 pick lock and the first wr off the board…looks like a mid-4.5’s guy on tape a big body that can separate and has burst in and out of his cuts…plays very smart on tape I think he Id’s coverage well and fits this option route system well…not afraid of contact he’ll make plays down the seam in tight windows with his body control and his ability to locate and go up and get the football…plus hands…uses his body well to shield off defenders and box out and he’s a win option in the red zone…could be a bit more physical and provide more run after the catch but his qb did him no favors in 2012 and I think had he gotten better qb play he would have shown he could do more…

    Jonathon Cooper
    Offensive Guard

    Best interior move athlete in the class…this guy can really pull and get out in front and lead a running back around the corner…top rated guard and interior prospect period that fits this Miami scheme to a t he would be a plug and play left guard and next to Pouncey probably make up the most athletic center left guard combination in football…35 reps of 225 lbs. sits down well in pass pro can drop his hips and anchor in pass pro at times his base gets a little too wide and as a result he can have issues against power…I think more than anything that’s about coaching and something easily correctable just needs to have his legs under him…

    Tyler Eifert
    Tight End

    The top tight end in the class…6 ft. 5 4.68 40 which isn’t exactly a burner but turn on the tape and watch him be used flexed out wide and the mismatches he creates out there…I see him in Miami being used in a similar fashion to what the Packers have done with Jermichael Finley…creating mismatches by formation and personnel…has the ability to split out wide out of motion and have an instant mismatch with just about any lb. or safety…gets down the seam in a hurry…shows nice ball awareness uses his body well to create separation and get off coverage… plays in space well and an athletic mismatch…in line as a blocker this kids not terrible the effort is there thru the whistle he’s not going to embarrass you as a blocker having him on the field and I think he’ll only get better with time…day 1 contributor…no doubt in my mind you are not going to have to wait while this kid develops…he’s too polished…

    Tavon Austin
    Wide Receiver/Kick Returner/Backfield package player

    5 ft. 8 ½ 174 lbs. 4.34 40.…most explosive offensive playmaker in the draft…polished route runner from the slot I think he fits this offense and would be a terrific mismatch and nightmare for dcs next to Mike Wallace…plays bigger and tougher than his size suggest outstanding quick acceleration and gets to top end speed in a hurry…makes cuts on a dime feet are fantastic…can line up in the backfield on occasion and also be motioned back there to give the opposition fits…very good awareness uses his blockers well and works off of them and plays very smart on the field…provides more vertical routes out of the slot and playmaking…this kids as explosive as they come…open up the playbook with this kid and plan to give him at least 10 touches per game including on specials…

    D. J Hayden

    Man I was late to this party…this kids as physically talented as any corner in the class…there’s no doubt in my mind had he been healthy in 2012 and played the full season this guy would be giving dee milliner a run for his money as the top corner in the class and first one off the board…watched 3 games saw so much vontae davis level physical talents it wasn’t funny…almost 6 ft. almost 200 lbs. hits like a truck for a corner…physical force he imposes himself on you…terrific quick acceleration and when he puts his foot in the ground and comes forward he explodes out of it…looks like he’s very comfortable in off coverage and zone has the strength the recovery speed and the acceleration to play a stout press…pretty much like having another safety on the field as a tackler and the way he arrives to the ball…I see good ball skills and awareness he finds the football when it’s in the air…rallies to the ball…only question here is medical if he’s fully cleared he’s not getting to pick #42 so you either take him here or in a trade down or miss out…chiseled out of granite…

    Desmond Trufant

    Almost 6 ft. almost 200 lbs. runs better than 4.4 flat…has checked off every box during the draft process…has a swagger that you love about him…very comfortable in off coverage and press not the most physical corner but he’ll stick his nose in there…I have him rated just below Hayden cause I’m a real sucker for a physical corner with great size who has explosive tools but make no mistake about it Trufant put out some terrific tape in 2012…every time I watched him I saw something different…my notes went from solid press man corner to comfortable In off man and shows solid awareness in zone…probably most comfortable in man both press and off coverages…has a tendency to squat on routes and I think at times he guesses but he’s got first round tools and size and he strikes me as the kind of kid that forgets easy which is pretty important…doesn’t carry one snap to the next in his head…

    Pick #42

    Zach Ertz
    Tight End

    More an intermediate and underneath worker in my opinion at the next level…but make no mistake about it this guy can also make hay down the seam…I think he shows as a very smart football player on the field fully prepared to run routes dictated by coverage knows when to sit down and when to carry his route…just comes off as very smart…plus hands plus quickness he has also shown he can be flexed out and used as a mismatch at times at Stanford… large catch radius he’ll go up and get the ball in traffic…uses his body well when the balls in the air and he’ll go up and pluck it…in line you don’t want to depend on him very much he’s more your finesse tight end and pass catcher but he’s willing…at times though I don’t think he plays to his size kind of plays a more h back game on tape…but I really like him…this is about pick range where I think his name is called…24 reps of 225 lbs….

    Robert Woods
    Wide Receiver

    Key word here is polish…Robert Woods can run any route in the tree and at the high level…separates in his routes…another guy that plays very smart on the field…has some red zone win abilities with his quickness off the snap and the way he gets off the los and can drop his hips and burst out of his cuts…finds the football really well…6 ft. almost 200 lbs. timed speed at 4.51 not a burner but savvy football player who reads coverage well and runs routes accordingly…I love this kid…plays tougher than his size suggests he’s not afraid to drop the shoulder and try to run someone over…provides run after the catch and make you miss…thinks he’s the best player on the field…confident player that I think is going to be a better pro than many expect…I’d take him over Brian Hartline for that role in our offense right now…if not a #1 wr down the road I think he’s the best #2 in football in the not too distant future…terrific hands…as a freshman this kid played and looked like a top 10 pick…

    Alex Okafor
    Defensive End

    Doesn't wow you with anything tools wise but just something about him I think will make him a solid pass rush producer in the pros...can't even put my finger on it...not a great get off not great acceleration or burst after the initial step but just very effective...that said in the run game I think he's a guy that gets moved out of the hole at the poa too much...not stout enough...maybe some of that is he's in such a hurry to get up field he forgets about contain responsibilities vs. the run but I see him giving huge lanes in the b gap for backs to just run right into too much...I’d say at least initially I’d use him sparingly in a rotation on early downs and get him on the field on 3rd down as a pass rush specialist...it's weird I’m usually all about pass rush physical tools when it comes to who I like and this kid doesn't have elite anything but he just gets the job done…this is the best looking edge pass rush prospect to come from UT in a while…doesn’t have a great burst nor does he have much closing speed…3rd rated pure pass rusher at 43 end on my board…

    Arthur Brown
    Outside Linebacker

    K States Arthur Brown is an undersized instinctual backer that I really like...only a 43 fit due to his size might be 6 ft. might be 230 lbs. brown has the instincts first and foremost you look for...reads his keys very well looks like a student of the game to me his diagnosis and tracking of the ball abilities are high end...shoots gaps in run support a very dependable tackler and packs a punch can run and find work can sift through traffic and make plays on the ball good speed can cover down the seam and underneath and limits run after the catch I don't quite have him as explosive a prospect as I did Nebraska’s Lavonte David last year despite the similar size but I see Arthur Brown as a terrific weak side olb selection…although it seems unlikely given the coin we gave Philip Wheeler…I think he also has some mike abilities but we also have Danell Ellerbe…all I know is he’s a hell of a football player…

    Giovanni Bernard
    Running Back

    Just under 5 ft. 9 and 202 lbs. which will keep him out of round 1 consideration with teams this kids got low 4.5’s speed a north and south mentality terrific lateral cutting abilities and explosion and burst thru the hole…add in make you miss at the 2nd level plus vision plus balance and a weapon on every down… showed off nice hands as a receiver out of the backfield and despite his size I think he’s a 12-15 carry back that can be run between the tackles and used in the passing game lined up or motioned into the slot…his size may mean you can get him a little later like late round 2…

    Quinton Patton
    Wide Receiver

    Quick twitch but not ultra fast or overly explosive...polished…plus route runner…smooth…sets up dbs. well…gets off the los with his initial lateral quickness and footwork…reminds me of Reggie Wayne in a lot of ways...uses his hands well and locates the football...i think he'd fit our o like a glove...6 ft. 200 lbs. low 4.5’s…I see some red zone win abilities here…but he’s not a blow by you guy on the vertical…looks like a good fit for our offense…fluid hips plays smart understands db leverage and coverage…some run after the catch also…

    Steadman Bailey
    Wide Receiver

    Most the time when a guys undersized as 5 ft. 10 and some change would suggest and not all that fast as 4.59 would imply I would write off a wr on the boundary with a high pick…well not Steadman Bailey…terrific feet maybe the best feet of the wr class…he gets off the los and off coverage with his short area footwork and has deceptive vertical speed runs by guys before they know it…a win in the red zone on quick stuff option again because of those terrific feet…huge hands 9 7/8 inches…natural hands catcher …gets in and out of his cuts well…solid route runner tracks the ball well down the field…plus hips no wasted movement when he gears down…add in he has some make you miss in tight spaces and some run after the catch abilities and I think while you may not have to take him this high why risk it…

    Margus Hunt
    Defensive End

    I hear a lot of 5 technique fits here and frankly I don’t agree with them…Hunt is not stout enough at the poa vs the run and does not play with enough leverage where I would project him as a take on blockers 34 de…what I see is a 43 defensive end who shifts inside and rushes some in the nickel…6 ft. 8 277 lbs. vine like arms 38 reps of 225 lbs.…for his size has explosive initial get off and burst out of his stance as an edge rusher able to gain the corner with his speed and quickness and length however he doesn’t flatten out to the qb very well on the edge once he gains the corner and plays very straight linish on tape…not a great change of direction and hips guy although at the combine he showed very well in stand up drills in that regard…not great flexibility or ball awareness he can lose the ball at times but I’m looking at this kid as a situational edge rusher initially who comes on the field in the nickel and gets upfield vs tackles and uses his length to bat down balls at the los which he is very adept at…I think his best football is in front of him…there’s definitely some boom or bust potential here that cannot be ignored and frankly I’d rather have him off the board before he got to me here and I had to choose…but talent and upside wise he validates this pick…only 4 years of football…better edge pass rush tools than Quentin Coples had when he came out of similar size…freak athlete…

    Justin Pugh
    Offensive tackle/Guard

    I have Pugh this high for a couple of reasons…one he’s a plus athlete at 6 ft. 5 and 307 lbs. that possesses terrific feet…his feet allow him to play a high end tackle at the college level despite his short arms 31 ½ inches…a very good move athlete he’s higher than some of the other combo position tackle/guard prospects on my board cause he’s stouter able to anchor more and not get moved off the spot as much…his short arms are definitely a concern at tackle although til he proved he couldn’t handle it with his feet and his knee bend and the way he sits down in pass pro I would worst case give him some swing tackle looks…ideally though I think his position is as a left guard in a zone scheme…where his footwork would stand out even more and his short arms in a phone booth would not be so much of an issue…this guy can move…position versatility here is a plus…

    Pick #56

    Terron Armstead
    Offensive Tackle

    This pick is all about upside...outside of Lane Johnson who I have as a top 10 worthy talent and prospect and the #1 offensive tackle in the class no tackle in the class possesses the upside of Armstead…the tape however says 3rd round value…prototype tackle arm length solid not special at the shrine bowl week and game against lower rated prospects he needs a lot of work and is rough around the edges…needs polish…I don’t think I’d be comfortable thinking he’s a plug and play left tackle at this stage I think he’s someone you are better off sitting on for a year if you can…the upside is undeniable here and I think when it’s all said and done the talent validates a late round 2 selection…this could be Jason Peters down the road…natural knee bender able to drop his hips…

    Christine Michael
    Running Back

    5 ft. 10 220 lbs. 4.54 40 27 reps bottom line is this kids as talented a running back as there is in this class…took the east west shrine week and game by storm best looking prospect in attendance period…jump cuts…plus feet…north and south mentality…make you miss in the hole…explosive…burst into the 2nd level…nose for the goal line…off the field character and medical here as he tore an acl about 18 months ago…top 50 talent…

    Jonathon Cyprien

    Yep…here’s where he lands…about a week ago when I started this I had him after reviewing the senior bowl work for a 2nd time up as a 3rd round value…pulled a hammy at the combine and couldn’t run…didn’t participate in any on field work…plays more a strong safety game to me but I think in Coyles system with pretty much interchangeable safeties it’s not a big deal…plus hips pretty good change of direction he flies to the football and brings a strong safety punch with him…a bit of a high tackler at times doesn’t always wrap up and he’ll dive from bad angles in pursuit…I like his instincts vs the pass and the way he covers ground in that regard and he strikes me as a guy that the ball finds…he’s got some burst to him and you can see on tape him carry man coverage vertical down the field and in a guys hip…4.65 40 guy at his pro day…watched 3 more things of his the other night the more I stacked my board the more I kept saying he needs to be in round 2…couldn’t do pick #42 though cause the level of comp isn’t all that great on a lot of the tape…looks like a Coyle covet guy to me…

    Eric Reid

    Poor mans Mark Barron…physical flies to the football player of similar size…plays more a strong safety game to me as well but again I think in this system the safeties are interchangeable…has stiff hips will get exposed in some coverages but all that 2 deep man under we play will hide some of that…pretty sure tackler instincts vs the passing game are ok will come up and strike you in the run game and fill…hips and coverage separates Barron from him…

    Markus Wheaton
    Wide Receiver

    Game is very similar to that of Mike Wallace who we just paid a brinks truck worth of loot so I’m not sure how much he’s in play but at this stage he’s a better route runner more polished than Wallace was maybe not quite as blow by you speed and the same level scares the daylights out of dc’s over the top threat but of similar makeup…4.45 40 slight frame but not terrible in that regard separates on tape in his routes pretty finesse wr gets off the los pretty well for a slight not very physical wr can lose physically at the stem of his route but gears down well drops his hips and fires out of a cut…can be rerouted off his preferred line… hands look solid…separation in his routes really stands out on college tape…burst athlete with home run hitting speed…quick acceleration and solid feet…

    Robert Alford

    I really like this small school prospect…came to the senior bowl and competed from the jump over 5 ft. 10 over 190 lbs. long arms ran under 4.4 flat has closing speed shows long speed quick acceleration...long and lanky fluid hips fires out of his pedal and drives forward...reminds me of a more explosive and polished Keenan Lewis when he came out....I think his upside may be the highest in the corner class…finds the football in coverage instinctual…

    Jamar Taylor

    Over 5 ft. 11 190 lbs. ran 4.4 on tape looks most comfortable to me in off coverages something I expect us to play a lot of this season but showed at the senior bowl that he could also stay in a mans hip down the field in press…started stacking my board and said worst case late round 2 value…22 reps of 225 lbs. lends itself to him being able to jam and reroute wrs at the line of scrimmage…short arms 30 5/8 inches…

    Jon Bostic

    Explosive quick twitch burst athlete instinctual has the speed to flow to the ball sideline to sideline looks like a nice underrated 43 mike backer to me…4.61 40 very fluid…but is he in play given our lb moves in free agency???

    Ryan Swope
    Wide Receiver

    Possesses high end short area quickness and fluidity of hips and he can separate in and out of his cuts...when he crosses a dbs face in the slot with a 2 way go he gets the separation you covet...he also runs terrific routes and sells his routes well with pressing the db in his stem down the field and uses his head even to sell things to dbs before gearing down opening his hips and making quick cuts...add in that he understands coverage and db leverage and runs routes off of them well and plays very smart…6 ft over 200 lbs. 4.34 official 40 time…a history of concussions that must be taken into consideration…tough hard nosed slot wr that will catch in traffic and offers some more vertical route options in the slot than we currently have…if I had to pick one guy in this targets thread that I expect to be a Dolphin it would be Ryan Swope…has the size that you usually can’t find in a slot wr with the speed and polish he possesses…seems like an obvious choice to me…qb friendly…Ryan Tannehill trust Ryan Swope…no projection here…

    Pick #77 and 82

    Jordan Poyer

    Really good feet plus hips puts his foot in the ground and comes forward to the ball very well…not much upside…solid seems like a good fit for our scheme…not great long speed

    Darius Slay

    Looks like a mid round value on tape…does not play to his timed speed…lit the combine on fire in all facets footwork long speed acceleration you name it…probably goes higher but this is where I think his value is…

    Vance Mcdonald
    Tight End

    Poor mans Rob Gronkowski…questions about his hands…physical player…can get down the seam…31 reps of 225 lbs. 4.7 speed…267 lbs.…

    Dave Quessenberry
    Offensive tackle/Guard

    Good zone scheme fit athlete with good feet and sits down well in pass pro…needs to get stronger I like his left guard potential and his position versatility…light in the pants at 299 lbs and I’m not sure he can add any good weight…

    Brian Schwenke

    Zone scheme center prospect with some guard possibilities…sits down well in pass pro and anchors well…good move athlete but not on the mike Pouncey level in that regard…31 reps of 225 lbs.

    Tyrann Mathieu

    Nickel corner that probably can play some boundary in a pinch…plays a little bigger than he is and more physical but this cats a playmaker and a ball hawk the ball finds him…ball skills are elite…effective edge blitz db from the slot also…supreme confidence in his abilities…maybe best ball skills in the class…not a great cover corner…undersized…

    Kyle Long
    Left Guard

    Finesse offensive guard with no tackle possibilities….one position player that needs to get much much stronger…terrific move athlete serious upside…in 2 years could be all pro or could be just a guy…zone scheme fit… probably gone in round 2 to a team betting on the upside…

    Baccari Rambo

    Questions about range and coverage…at times on tape he looked like the best player on the Georgia defense…

    David Amerson

    6 ft. 1 205 lbs. 4.4 speed terrific elite level physical tools for the position …lot of risk reward here…some ugly tape for a guy with his skillset…early round 3 is where I can sign off on taking a chance…technique fails him depends on his tools too much sometimes…problem may be in his head…

    Brandon Williams
    Defensive Tackle

    Dominated division 2 carries 340 lbs very well on his frame…not sure I see much pass rush upside…solid senior bowl showed he belonged …moves well for his size…38 reps of 225 lbs…

    Bennie Logan
    Defensive Tackle

    Underrated interior dline prospect that pops on Lsu tape at times…best football may be in front of him…

    Leveon Bell
    Running Back

    Not a burner but a big back that runs under his pads and punishes people downhill…great feet for his size…outstanding hands and receiving skills for his size…catches the ball like a 200 lb scat back in a 230 lb. package…change of pace back and short yardage goal line and milking late leads…pile mover…

    Aaron Dobson
    Wide Receiver

    One of the few big body wrs that gets off the los against press well…has some over the top abilities and runs pretty good routes…ok hips for his size…burst in and out of his cuts is lacking…needs to use his hands more to create separation out of his cuts and lean on dbs…kind of finesse in his routes…

    David Bakhtiari
    Offensive Tackle

    Looks like a tackle only to me…underrated athlete and prospect…plays thru the whistle…zone scheme fit…long legged good arm length…

    Alvin Bailey
    Offensive Guard

    Underrated guard prospect…might be a more natural right guard in our offense…27 reps of 225 lbs…

    Cornelius Washington
    Defensive End

    4.55 265 lbs. 36 reps of 225 lbs.…ghost at times on Georgia tape…I like him as a straight ahead pass rusher and not a guy that has to think so much as a lb...he needs to hunt the qb...situational edge pass rusher value…good edge rush tools and talents…

    Devin Taylor
    Defensive End

    Long lean lanky de that can run and has edge rush win qualities…not stout at the poa i think he has the ability to add good weight and make an impact as a pass rusher down the line... rated just below Washington as a edge pass rush prospect for me…may be someone you have to wait to see a return on…36 inch arms…

    Travis Kelce
    Tight End

    Ready to contribute in line right now…solid in pass pro…deceptive down the seam…plus hands…

    Jonathon Franklin
    Running Back

    More than a 3rd down back in the pros…solid in pass pro…more quick than fast…pretty good balance and vision…not overly explosive…doesn’t break many tackles… good feet

    Zac Stacy
    Running Back

    5 ft 8 3/8 216 lb 4.5 40 stick of dynamite…2 year starter 27 reps of 225 lbs one cut and north and south…pile mover

    Marcus Lattimore
    Running Back

    The bottom line here is fully healthy this kids a top 20 pick…as it is I think he gets scooped up in the 3rd by a team that can sit on him for a year and get return out of the investment in 2014…probably a contender…

    Terrence Williams
    Wide Receiver

    Big body plays a pretty finesse game…needs to use his hands more…can struggle to get off press…runs solid routes…plays the sideline well…has over the top vertical win abilities…

    Marques Wilson
    Wide Receiver

    Top 50 pick talent…smooth…can separate in his cuts and down the field finesse big body wr…only reason he gets here is cause of character and off the field issues…poor mans A. J. Green…

    Knile Davis
    Running Back

    Some buyer beware here….body beautiful 5 ft 11 3/8 227 lbs 4.37 40 31 reps of 225…medical and fumble issues a concern but the talent is undeniable…

    Mike Gillislee
    Running Back

    5 ft. 11 1/8 208 lbs. 4.5 speed…plays a little bigger than his size indicates…maybe undervalued…doesn’t wow you with anything

    A.J. Klein

    Instinctual mike backer that really flashed between the tackles shrine week and game…better speed than anticipated….football player…solid…over 300 tackles the last 3 years very productive…

    Kiko Alonzo

    Ideal size 6 ft. 4 240 lbs. very fluid when asked to drop and shows solid instincts…off the field concerns here…pops on Oregon tape

    Philip Thomas

    Good ball skills has a feel for defending the passing game…looks pretty instinctual…looks comfortable in coverage and even in the slot at times…but shows no burst no quick acceleration no long speed…so his instincts are gonna have to offset a lot of that at the next level…just no real burst here with anything…plays more a corner game at safety

    D. J. Swearenger

    Big time hitter will knock you into next week…looks for kill shots…head hunter…playmaker…finds the football…ball skills look solid…but how many personal foul penalties is this guy gonna hurt you with???

    Pick # 111

    Brian Winters
    Offensive Guard

    Nasty mauler reminds me of Richie Incognito in a lot of ways…may be more a power scheme fit…needs to move his feet more in pass pro…not bad feet like Incog just not active enough… decent move athlete to the 2nd level…likely right guard best fit…

    Jake Stoneburner
    Tight End

    6 ft 3 3/8 252 lbs 18 reps of 225 lbs. athletic enough that he played some wr in college solid hands good body control and runs solid routes…red zone option… some quick twitch…undervalued tight end prospect…

    Dion Sims
    Tight End

    Plays slower than he times…I like him as an in line guy primarily who works the underneath as a pass catcher…not a seam threat or a guy I’d view as a mismatch flexed out…plays slow

    Gavin Escobar
    Tight End

    Plays faster than he times…better prospect than Michael Egnew when he came out…good size 6 ft. 5 7/8 254 lbs. large catch radius needs polish not sure he’s a day 1 contributor…in line he’s willing but you don’t want to ask him to do too much as a blocker or he’ll get exposed…

    Barret Jones
    Offensive Line

    Jack of all trades master of none…can be exposed by strength…has center guard and even right tackle versatility in a pinch…looks like may be a maxed out player though…worst case solid depth

    Kenjon Barner
    Running Back

    4.52 40 small back likely a 3rd down back in the pros…can make you miss as a receiver out of the backfield and for his size is feisty in pass pro…explosive…weapon with the ball in his hands…

    Brennan Williams
    Offensive Tackle

    Likely 2nd round pick OT had he been healthy all season…scheme fit solid talent and a value pick in the 4th round…

    Duke Williams

    Serious wheels comfortable in coverage…physical…feisty…flies to the football…kinda looks like a tweener…came to the combine at 203 looks like 190 lb guy on tape.…not a very effective blitzer…gets washed out…instincts and feel for what’s going on around him in zone look lacking…

    Josh Boyce
    Wide Receiver

    Does not play to his timed speed…provides some run after the catch and some physical play…polish to his game …plays smart…solid routes…some burst…mid round value

    Montori Hughes
    Defensive Tackle

    Developmental dt with upside and movement skills for his size…not much pass rush upside…needs to do a better job locating the ball…loses the ball too much

    Hugh Thornton
    Offensive Guard

    Solid move athlete to the 2nd level…has a tendency to overcommit in pass pro and reach and not move his feet…competes

    Chase Thomas
    Outside Linebacker

    Effective blitz edge pass rusher has some wiggle with his rush in tight spaces…not overly athletic not all that fast or explosive…but damn good football player…I see him as a solb in a 43 stout at the poa and has real strength in his hands…pretty good instincts…

    Tavarres King
    Wide Receiver

    Serious tools terrific size…runs very good routes…feet look very good…gears down well little wasted movement…may be a guy though that looks best in underwear…can disappear at times in 11 on 11 action and given his tools and size he should be more dominant…some buyer beware here…but some serious upside as well

    Terry Hawthorne

    Fluid in his pedal…plus feet…some stiffness in his hips…thick muscular corner…drives forward when he puts his foot in the ground…plus length plus acceleration and 4.4 speed…underrated prospect

    Leon Mcfadden

    Looks comfortable in off coverages which he played a lot of in college…I only have him this low due to height…seems like a good fit for what we want to do…more zone and off looks…recognizes routes…5 ft 9 5/8 short for the boundary…not overly explosive…shows good awareness…

    B. W. Webb

    Small school prospect with nice tools…comes out of his pedal well…long speed…pretty finesse…got some burst to him…undersized corner at 184 lbs. may be ticketed for the slot and I just don’t know if he’s physical enough or a sure enough tackler for it…

    Well there you have it folks…72 prospects that I think fit what we want to do and should target in the first 111 picks on draft weekend…just like Miami I don’t have a board with every prospect on it…
    Have at it… questions… comments… why isn’t this guy on the list??? go to hell Hoops…etc…
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