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I DONT CARE HOW they get these guys or where just as long as one or two of them become dolphins.

IRELAND [as well as other finz brass] have long made the mistake of not taking PLAY MAKERS high in the draft. we havnt gone anywhere in 20 years because WE CANT PUT POINTS ON THE BOARD!! not because our front end beef didnt open holes 2 more inches. our o-lines have taken a LOT of the blame for miami not having ANY play makers.

and it will be a COLOSSAL mistake if our 1st pic is an OT. we went NOWHERE with long in his prime. why? NO PLAY MAKERS!! NO POINTS!! we have averaged about 17 points a game for YEARS now. i make and exception with WARMACK because this is another OTHER WORDLY talent and will be just as good in ANY scheme. WHY? because he doesnt need the huge athletic moves guys like cooper have. he flat stands up guys at the point with NO budge. they go no where in pass pro. like pouncy, he is in your face in a heart beat and when locked on, ITS OVER!! and he is a better athlete than a lot of guys think. and i believe we could trade down a few spots and still get him IF the finz are thinking o-line.

over all, as much as i LOVE warmack and see a hall of fame guard, PLAYMAKERS is what we need most along with CB'S who can actually play. i dont see any trade up for milliner. TRUFANT is the better all around db and will probably be sitting there at #12. this guy is a much faster SAM MADDISON and will play with us for years to come and give us the big play, take away corner we havnt had since sam.

DJ HAYDEN. one of my top 3 players in this draft. the best all around skills amongst db's in this draft, PERIOD!! i have been singing his praises for a while and would have screamed more but i thought he was done and over in football after that injury. IF he hadnt had the two injuries back to back, we wouldnt even have a shot at him as he would go top 2 in this draft. BUT, the fact he is so good and we have multiple hi picks, he is worth gambling on to move up in the lower 1st [and he could be gone] or take him with our 1st selection in the second round. someone just may take him in the 1st, teams like san fran who are in a position to draft WHOEVER they want!

i dont care for ANY of the pass rushers that hi, the ones who could actually be there at #12. even though we need another to go with wake. we had a GOOD pass rush, top 5 last year and we lost games because WE COULDNT SCORE POINTS!! and WE COULDNT STOP TEAMS in the air [where points come from]. so CB and offensive PLAY MAKER are where we need to stay in the first 3-4 pics in this draft.

JONATHAN MARTIN: is a better LT than a RT. which is odd, but, thats whats on tape. his ONLY problem playing the position last year was strength. and this could EASILY be corrected with the right off season weight room routine. he has the frame to build on, the smarts and the feet to play LT at a hi level, hi enough to get us where we want to go. and i dont think IRELAND is ready to call him a bust after taking him hi [i didnt want him in that spot] and watching him blunder on the rt side. now, if they have decided he cant play LT at the level they want, MORE EGG ON IRELANDS FACE and another reason to give the big bodies a rest for a while hi in the draft. they need to focus on play makers and TRUE corners. PERIOD!! we have found some good pass rushers later in the drafts and in canada so if it comes down to PASS RUSHER, CB or PLAY MAKING WR, we should go with CB or WR. again, we lost most games last year do to NO PLAY MAKERS. could we use some more pass rush? yes, as wake needs a rest from the quadruple zuple attention he gets every play. but, our problems last year were not lack of rush, we had decent sack numbers and hurries and knock downs, we just didnt have CB'S who could cover for ANY length of time!! AND, we had no one in the endzone. leave MARTIN in at lt, draft a true lt prospect later in the draft [not some position change experiment] and let him have his weight program and play this year at LT.

IF WE TRULY are trading up, it better well be for milliner or to make sure we land AUSTIN who could very well not last till #12, no matter what the arm chair crowd thinks. AUSTIN is a wanted man and wont even sniff the bottom of the 1st. the cats out of the bag and to many teams no this isnt another one hit speed wonder you see hocking video games to over grown teenagers in the mall. he is a DOMINANT THREAT at 3 different positions.

this draft is UNDER RATED and outside of AUSTIN, TRUFANT, DJ HAYDEN EIFERT and WARMACK , all guys with dominant game, freakish talent, there are dozens upon dozens of players i would be very happy with in the rounds 3-5. good players. starters. THIS FIRST 3 PICS absolutely have to be HOME RUN HITTERS, BPA's at every pic with our 1st and 2 second rounders. no reach at pass rusher and no tackles or o-line other than warmack. i like cooper, a whole lot. but, he isnt the freekish talent that warmack is, and warmack is a talent on the line you see come around ever other decade or so.

Jeff does not have egg on his face by Martin playing RT. He has egg on his grill by having the offense be ineffective because of bad line play.