Ridiculous. I find it hard to believe he really thinks gun violence is on the rise, contrary to FBI statistics. Apparently Snoop still enjoys being "their" puppet. Gotta love Drake throwing up the three sixes hand sign while rapping about gun violence:


Gun Criminal Snoop Dogg Releases Anti-Gun Song

Hypocritical gun-control ballad from man who previously said “I wouldn’t be the nigga that I am if I didn’t pop niggas in their mouth”

Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson
April 3, 2013

The latest hypocritical celebrity to jump on the anti-Second Amendment gun-control bandwagon, for no purpose other than increased notoriety, is rapper Snoop Dogg.

In his new video for the song “No Guns Allowed”, featuring Drake and Cori B., Snoop Lion, as he now refers to his “reincarnated” Rastafarian persona, interjects anti-gun lyrics with footage of mass school shootings and newspaper headlines regarding the tragedies.
The video even opens up with President Obama speaking during the memorial for the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

“It’s a powerful song and we hope to spread a positive message that hits home with people,” says Snoop Lion. “We’ve seen too much bloodshed involving guns and we want to prevent the next incident from happening. That’s what’s it all about, trying to bring awareness and push love and peace.”