My wife came and picked me up around 11:00 this morning for a nice birthday lunch. We ate like kings I tell you. I had the classic new york strip and she got a tasty filet mignon for our main dishes. We had a couple of appetizers to. My wife knew some people who were also having a nice lunch there and wanted to go speak with them but I had a rumble in my stomach and excused myself to the gentleman's room. I walk in and survey the restroom and notice the stall on the end that that has the larger commode and a sink. I was hunkered down for a few minutes taking care of business while reading some of the painful threads here on finheaven when I heard the bathroom door open. Didn't think much of it until I heard some grunting from the person entering. Once the door closed I see a wheelchair roll up to my stall door and this bozo begins beating on the stall door while I'm trying to have a private moment. Hes all up in arms because he says that stall is for the handicappers like himself and asks me why I'm using that stall instead of one of the others. I tell this guy that I'm a big guy who needs more space and that he's just going to have to wait his turn like everyone else. But he insists that because he's a cripple he should get special treatment. (I'm 6'5 BTW). Now mind you I'm in the process of trying to clean myself up and this guy is still running his flappers like his going to rise up out of that chair and whoop me good when I finish. I finally zip up my pants and swing the stall door open best I can and hit this mobile morons wheelchair with the stall door. I may have put a dent in that thing but I'm not sure as he spun that thing around so quickly that he clipped my calf with his foot just enough to offend me. I told him that I could sue him for assault but that since it was my birthday I had better things to do. I told him that I couldn't believe he'd act like this nd told him that I hope he fell in the toilet and drowned while getting out of that chair and up onto the toilet. Anyhoo, I went back out to pay the bill and told my wife that I may have forgot to flush and that I'd be right back. I went back in the bathroom and flipped the lights off and told that guy to **** you. Let that cripple wipe his ass in the dark and hope he gets it all.