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*cough* bull**** *cough*

I watch quality teachers leave my profession every year due to frustration. We get paid **** wages compared to others of our education level (I DID know that going in, but it's insulting when people that don't know what they're talking about start spewing bs) ... We are required to return to school in the summers at our own expense to take "refresher courses" in whatever ruling political party's ideological flavor of the month is ... We donate our extra time constantly for the betterment of our students ... We spend money out of our own pockets to provide for our students on a daily basis ... We help the kids whenever they need it ... Hell, every year I'm a better parent to some of my students than their biological ones. (feel free to shudder at that one)

In short, you have no clue about what you speak of.
I've explained to you before, I have 4 family members in the teaching field. Maybe things are viewed differently because of the states we live in.