Some mock drafts have Ansah falling down to #12 or even further! Werner has passed him up in many mocks, so with that in mind, what would you do if he was there at #12? Is he a no brainer to you or too raw of a pick? Here's a link from CBS Sports Mock Drafts, and Brugler has him going to us at #12 and Kirwin has him falling all the way to #19 to the Giants (how fitting would that be?).

I think the front office is targeting a DE with the first pick, but are doing a careful job of not sharing that with the media, hence visits by Dee Milliner and swirling rumors about offensive tackles at #12. My ideal situation, and a situation I think the front office has in mind, is to draft a DE at #12 and rotate them in with Odrick while rotating Vernon in with Wake this season. Next season, one of Soliai/Starks is kept and the other leaves, allowing Odrick to move inside to his natural DT position. They have been moving more towards a fast, blitzing, zone defense this off-season with the Grimes, Wheeler, and Ellerbe moves. So, in 2014 we would look like:

LE: Wake/Vernon
DT: Odrick/Martin
DT: Starks/Randall
RE: Ansah/Shelby