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Thread: Madrid's 2nd and last mock

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    Love the names, top to bottom. Your amendment to swap Thomas for a WR ices the cake. I would be shocked to see Wilson on the board that low.

    XXX Sexy mock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madridfinfan View Post
    I realize that mocking drafts isn't so different from playing the lottery. Maybe you hit on one prospect, the rest is all the music of chance...

    Needless to say, its a virtual game which pretty much always leads to disappointment, anger, a punched hole in the wall or a broken tv (and foot).

    With so many extraneous variables to account for, THIS draft (I seem to think this every year) should be full of suspense and (hopefully pleasant) surprises. There are so many ways we can go in this draft, each strategy probably justifiable, but more likely to be ridiculed. Without further ado, here it goes.

    1 DE Carredine
    2 CB Hayden
    2 OT Armstead
    3 TE Kelce
    3 OLB Chase Thomas
    4 FS Swearinger
    5 CB Hawthorne
    5 ILB Klein
    7 OG Uzzi
    7 WR Marquess Wilson
    7 K Sturges
    I respect your opinion but have no love for your picks, sounds like over-drafting at each round.

    Cornellius "Tank" Carradine makes no sense at #12 as he's has talent, but is too slow for pro-level and will require a year to prepare, at my own draft board he's a 2nd round option, nothing close to 12th spot overall.

    Video shows great things on D.J. Hayden but he was playing at AAC, so several things must be moderated while analyzing tapes. Yet this could be a valuable asset, he's going to be torched a lot in his first two seasons.

    Terron Armstead needs a lot of work on his techniques, his SWAC stats could lead to confusion and as this pick is designed to protect Ryan Tannehill with a quality RT, it's a shame he won't be worth of starting in 2013.

    I don't have a detailed inspection on Travis Kelce, but within few minutes of video analysis it's easy to see Gavin Escobar is a better TE and would prefer him as second 2nd rounder over Armstead. Assuming Escobar is out of the board on that pick, Kelce could serve but will require some patience.

    Chase Thomas makes a lot of sense here but after using your 5 top picks, I just see a valuable starter for 2013 and that's somehow wrong.

    On the rest I can't complain all of them are roster bodies that could pan out.
    From Mexico, GO PHINS GO!!!
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