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Thread: Entertain this idea for a moment..

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    Entertain this idea for a moment..

    Would a team trade up or down in the draft now, 3 weeks before the NFL draft?

    If so..how about this: Do whatever it takes to get Tampa Bay's 1st round pick (2 second rounders..whatever) NOW, trade Davone Bess for a 5th, and draft both Tyler Eifert and Tavon Austin back to back. Sign an offensive tackle and your offense would look like this..

    WR-Wallace, Hartline, Austin, Gibson
    TE-Eifert, Keller
    RB-Miller, DT
    FB-Clay, Lane
    OL-Martin, Cogs, Pouncey, Samuda/Jerry, Winston

    I just got an erection.

    PS...This is fantasy talk for fun. Anyone taking themselves too seriously to have some fun with my idea can kindly keep their opinions to themselves
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    You can get a similar result without trading draft pics by:

    RD 1: OL
    RD 2a: Zach Ertz
    Rd 2b:
    Rd3a: Ryan Swope or comparable fast guy.

    Remember, this is the draft and there is rarely a sure thing. More picks = more hedging of bets. Who knows who will be better with Ertz vs Eifert so why not save your picks and try to get Ertz. You get your speedy guy that everyone on this site seems to be clamoring for (as if Wallace wasn't good enough) but you get him later and you get a bigger speedy guy. You also get to keep a 2nd round pick to draft a CB/DE or whatever and you get a starting O lineman in round 1 to keep Tanne on his feet. All problems solvedish.

    Thinks Tommy boy has nothing to do with deflated balls
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