Well I think there's no value at 12 at LT since the top 3 won't make it there, Rhodes and Trufant don't fit our scheme all that well but at DE there's plenty of options that might make it all the way down to 12... I don't think Ansah will but Jordan and Werner have a pretty good chance to, I'd be happy with either, not sure about any other pass rushers at 12. Mingo lacks production, Jones and Moore lack measurables.

So say...

#12 Jordan/Werner DE.

Oddrick is more of a DT than a DE, let alone a RE. He switched from a 3-4 LE, to a 4-3 RE. Simply not a good fit. Having him fresh to rotate with Starks and Soliai would be huge. DE simply holds the most value out of our 3 most glaring positions of need.

#42 Amerson CB.

He reminds me so much of a slightly slower and less explosive Grimes. Excels in zone, baits QBs into bad throws, jumps balls, extremely aggressive both in coverage and in run support. If anything he might take bad angles because of trying to make the stop ASAP. If somehow Marshall and/or Patterson beat him to the starting job he would still be a great improvement over Clemmons at FS.

#54 Armstead OT.

Super athletic LT, very raw but I think he could start just based on athletic ability and grow from there.

3a Brian Winters OG

I know we have Jerry and brought Lance Louis at RG but I don't like Incognito's cap number al LG.

3b DJ Haden CB

I only think he will last this long cause he is coming back from a freak injury, and hopefully he'd beat out one of Patterson or Marshall cause I don't like their cap numbers either. Tempted by Mathieu if Haden's gone but Philbin wouldn't do it.

We can go RB and Blocking TE later, no real need to invest that much on those positions after spending early picks the last 2 seasons and big FA money on TE.

What you guys think?