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The dude made millions of dollars from Halliburton contracts directly attributable to the Iraq War. That conflict, which he had a direct role in, greatly benefitted his bank account. You think that is merely a happy coincidence?
Were you as offended when Clinton used them during and after Kosovo? I believe Bush #1 used them during the Gulf War as well. Obama uses them as well. I would venture to guess 20-years from now whether the President is a DEM or a REP they will use Halliburton if we are in a similar situation.

My point is they are the largest and best at what they do. You trying to connect the two in some conspiracy is nothing more than that. Your logic would leave us with a VP or President that has never had any personal ties with companies like Halliburton. Not a very realistic option, IMO.

I mean ppl like the Clinton's use to always rage against companies like Wal-Mart. It didn't stop them from sitting on their board after they left office.