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We the people do. If we had a real issue with it we would change the law by voting in the people that would change those laws.

I'm not saying it doesn't look bad, don't get me wrong. And maybe this is an indictment of our system of government. But both sides have this issue they all look like hypocrites when it comes to situations like this.
We the people???!?!

Hahhaha I just about fell out of my chair...

It hasn't been that way in a looooong time.

If the founders could have foreseen the rise of corporations and their influence on government and public policy, I have no doubt they would have included a provision in the constitution to ban those with conflict of interest investments and ties from obtaining pubic office and influencing public policy. It is a serious flaw with our current system which unfortunately does not appear to have a solution unless "we the people" wake the **** up.