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Thread: Tyler Eifert missing from the NFL Draft room?

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    Menelik Watson's test results while running around in gym shorts do not match up with what he did on the football field, nor do they match up with a steady stream of testimony from coaches and fellow players about things he's been able to do on the practice field.

    When those things don't match up, I'm going to default to the football field. Good example of this is Travis Johnson of San Jose State. I sat there not 20 feet away him participating in defensive line drills during Shrine week. I saw him every single snap thrust off the snap instantaneously a full step farther than every single other defensive lineman on the West squad. I've seen his get-off as up close as you're going to get. He may be small, he may lack the strength needed to be a significant pass rusher at the next level, but his take-off is not in dispute. Both the tape and his practice performance bear that out.

    But if you're just looking on a piece of paper you see 4.86 in the 40 yard dash with a 1.66 in the 10 yard split, and a 9'00" broad jump. Only one outside linebacker at the NFL Combine had a worse 10 yard split. Very few defensive ends had a significantly worse 10 yard split. No outside linebacker or defensive end had a worse broad jump.

    Some guys the gym shorts performances don't tell you much about. I think Menelik Watson is one of them.
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    I'm glad Eifert isn't there. He's an elite player and a fine young man. That's the type of player I really enjoy rooting for and hope becomes a part of my team.

    Peter Lalich was very talented ... I sure wish he could have worked things out in Charlottesville, because he could have been something special I think.

    The OL in this draft are overrated IMHO, because the draft itself is weak. Ditto for the CB's. Sure, Joeckel and Fisher are studs. Johnson looks very impressive with a great ceiling, so those 3 convince me. Fluker ... he'll never be a good LT in this league and isn't a 1st round pick in most drafts. Watson, that looks like a bust to me. Armstead is a mid-round developmental prospect who is getting pushed up because he has good feet and there aren't many that do in this draft. Pugh, I thought I liked as a 3rd round T/G guy kinda like Barrett Jones, but now he's looking like a late round 1 pick, and I'm waning on him that high. Kyle Long is an intriguing prospect, but the combo of being both over-age and a little raw isn't the best recipe for NFL success.

    Frankly, I'd rather get someone like that small school kid Winters to play G in round 4 than waste a 1st or 2nd rounder on Fluker, Watson, Armstead, Pugh or Barrett. I know we looked at Reid Fragel, who is an intriguing T prospect that can be had in the 4th or 5th as well.

    At the end of the day, I have my fingers crossed that Eifert is the pick. Despite the fawning over the top guys at OT and CB, I think we can fill those spots in rounds 2 and 3. But while I like Ertz, Kelce and McDonald, its Eifert that is the exceptional talent and who fits our needs best. I know everyone loves Escobar, Reed and Gragg, but those guys do not impress me. Escobar is too slow and lumbering to be a seam threat, and Reed and Gragg are too small to be end zone mismatches. Eifert makes too much sense for Ireland to draft.
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