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Thread: Starting to like Eifert over Austin

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    I don't get the love to draft a TE.
    Have you watched this team the last 5 years? It has been woefully slow- no playmakers, no big plays.
    Can Eifert return kickoffs or punts?
    Can he run a reverse for 50 yards?
    Austin is the #1 big play player in the entire draft.
    If Wallace runs deep, Auistin underneath will be a nightmare matchup.
    Keller is adequate. This team needs speed.
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    You know, I mentioned a few days ago that Austin reminds me of Welker with turbo boosters, and I just realized that Dana Holgorsen was Welker's coach at Texas Tech. Austin said in his little nfl.com draft preview clip that he watched a lot of Welker and how he makes adjustments on routes. Compares himself to Harvin and Welker.
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