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Thread: Sirius XM Movin the Chains Mock Draft 4/12

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    I wonder what Oakland would take to trade back? They need everything everywhere and if their pick was going to be Floyd at DT, it's pretty certain that they can get a stud DT at #12 as well, such as Sylvester Williams or maybe Sheldon Richardson. Any pick they get in the trade down would also certainly be a day 1 starter. That roster needs a total nuking and start over, so I'm sure more picks would make them accept less to trade down.

    There have got to be a few teams feeling out the Raiders pick, and I think the Dolphins are one of them. Don't be shocked if, at the last minute on the clock, the Raiders take as little as #12 and #77 to trade down. It sounds like far too little, but they're desperate for players and picks.
    i think the Cardinals are a candidate to trade with Oakland. to make sure they'll get either Fisher or Johnson
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    Sirius XM Movin the Chains Mock Draft 4/12

    Quote Originally Posted by childoftheko4n View Post
    Did anyone happen to listen to Moving the Chains today on Sirius XM? They had us trading up to 3 with Oakland; giving up our 1st, 1 of our seconds, 1 of our thirds AND Bess to get Eric Fisher....

    Sounded pretty ridiculous to me. Thoughts?
    It really put me in a foul mood.
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