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If you are having a hard time with it why are you so certain?

Here's what I think. Despite all the rumors that Oakland covets Floyd... Lotulelei actually goes there and it's Floyd who falls down the board somewhat, perhaps even past Richardson. To be honest though I'm not sure the three OTs go in the top five. Jacksonville in particular could go Jordan or Milliner. They already have Eugene Monroe and their new head coach was Seattle's DC. I'm also not sure on the order of the OTs. It wouldn't shock me at all to see Joeckel be the last one off the board.

If Milliner is on the board @ 6 and all of the OTs are gone I fully expect us to trade up for him. Would be shocked if we didn't, frankly. Then later in round one we'd trade up (which is going to be made more difficult with teams trading back into the 1st for QBs) for Menelik Watson. If we take an OT @ 6 then I'm not sure what will happen on a trade up of if we even trade up at that point.
The Fins are not trading up for Milliner. No way.