Yeah we have a lot of holes but it's likely we will need to trade up to grab one of the elite OT prospects. I would hate if we did that since we could use the picks rather than get a tackle. I'm not saying to ignore the offensive line what I'm saying is that other teams find serviceable linemen all the time in the later rounds of the draft. Martin is going to screw the team up if he proves incapable of playing LT.

Just to be clear, I would hate Austin at #12. We have 4 picks in the second and third round, that is where we need to find our linemen. We should be able to find a decent enough RT at that stage of the drat. I'm just so tired of the team spending money and picks on the o-line yet it is still a weak spot for the team. I just feel like Eifert will be the biggest difference maker available on offense when it's time to submit the pick. If we get Eifert it will finally be fun to watch the offense again. Reggie Bush and Marshall were fun while they were here but the offense was still incomplete. Tannehill, Eifert, Wallace, Miller, and hopefully Swope.. Thats would be an awesome team to watch. CB is going to be a very weak spot but it can be covered up if we get D-linemen that can get pressure without having to blitz.

Like I said, we just need serviceable linemen. Tackles are really important but you dont need elite tackles to be a playoff team. You need a line coach who can squeeze all the potential out of the later round picks and build continuity across the line.