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Think he has to be on our radar. Good fit. Can move into the slot too, and he tackles really well for a guy that size. But I think 77 is where we start giving him a look - with guys like Alford, Amerson, Taylor to likely be available at either 42 or 54. Seemed like Alford might blow up after the combine (especially after showing well at Senior Bowl Week), but the rise of Hayden and Taylor (and maybe even Amerson) have taken the media spotlight. I have Alford and Taylor pretty much tied as prospects. I think Alford has a lot of man upside. To me, he has the best natural movement of any CB in this class. Has great flexibility. Taylor, though, is a force on the field, and he's a better fit for Miami. Much better hitter, more of a play maker.

Like Poyer, Amerson projects better to teams that are going to run a lot of zone, but the reasons are different. I think Amerson can improve in man, but I don't think it'll ever be a strength for him. He's just too tight in the hips - whereas for Poyer it's size and lack of speed. Amerson is the bigger, better athlete, and he has a fallback position at safety, so I think Miami will prefer Amerson.
i agree with a lot of that but i don't see the stiffness in amersons hips that you do...i see some sketchy awareness at times...taylor in the top 40 is too high for me given those dinosaur like 30 1/2 inch arms...that arm length bothers me...but it does appear he could go even in the late 1st now...too rich for me though

as for amerson and safety i don't really see a fit there cause i don't think he's physical enough or a striker...i hear alford is on our radar at pick #42...and poyer i agree with the pick #77 target...it's where i have him on my miami targets thread...