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Thread: fins in contract talks with Alberts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ITS!MATEO View Post
    If they make the trade before the 1st round then they're stupid, period.....

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    For 7 I would say stay in KC.. Not looking forward to a slow footed left tackle i'll tell you right now...


    Slow footed you say? HA, you aren't paying attention then.

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    Player What's the Rush? Let it PLAY OUT...

    Quote Originally Posted by USMC_GUNZ View Post
    If they waited to make the trade during or after the draft.....could that possibly drive Alberts price go up as far as leverage? Meaning....if there are no LT's available when we pick....Alberts camp drives the price up. Buy now or pay later mentality.
    So what is KC going to do with Albert if they draft Joekel 1st overall without trading Albert? Keep him even though he has flatly refused to play RT? I haven't heard interest from any other team for Albert. AND he wants big $$$. So, what if the Dolphins offer Pick # 82 instead of 42 or 54? Will KC keep him or take the 3rd & move on? Just don't believe KC has much leverage here - especially AFTER they pick Joeckel 1st.

    : KC does not appear to be in the drivers seat on this one; AND not sure why so many of Findom are wanting Albert while giving up a 2nd PLUS BIG ca$h for a slightly above average LT. What's SO bad about drafting an OT, signing Winston on the cheap & seeing what develops? I say, What's the rush? Let it play out & see if the Phins REALLY want him, see if they can get him for one of their 3rd's or maybe a 2nd NEXT year.
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    I can't wait until Thursday gets here! This is getting to be insane/fun/aggravating.
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