Dream Mock

Round 1: Tyler Eifert: im hoping we can trade down and still pick him up but if not i say draft him he would be a huge upgrade at the TE position would love to see him and Keller on the field at the same time

Round 2a: Justin Hunter: if we can trade bess and move Hartline into the slot i think he would be a great #2 WR i think he would be a steal if we could get him at this point in the draft.

Round 2B: Branden albert: i think we are going to be trading for him if the dolphins are already talking to with albert about a new contract i believe they already have a trade in place with KC

Round 3A: DJ Hayden: Because of his injury i think its a good chance he will be here when we pick and he would be a great player to add to our secondary could possibly end up being the best CB in the draft.

3B: Alex Oakfor: Would be a great player to have oppisite of Wake i think he might fall to the third round and if he does i think miami needs to snatch him up right away.

Round 4-7 BPA