I see Starks being traded only if we happen to draft Star or Floyd at #12. We would be saving a ton of money, and dont be shocked if Starks is some how involved in the Albert trade, which would lower the draft pick to a 3rd/4th + Starks. It would free up the money for Albert, and we still keep both 2nds while still replacing Starks with a younger DT.

Incognito is safe, Jerry may be at risk if we draft a Gaurd (Cooper).
Bess is only at risk if we take a SLOT WR (Gibson has played the slot as well)
Patterson and Marshall should both be concerned unless they restructure their contracts. I wouldnt mind keeping one if not both for cheaper deals, as ou can never have too many experienced CBs.
Thomas is safe unless we find another RB later in the draft, which is very possible and SHOULD happen.
Carpenter should already pack his bags.